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Introduce about Modern Age 2How will you improve your nation and people as its president?What is Modern Age 2 about?In this simulation game, you take on the role of a country's pr...
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Introduce about Modern Age 2

How will you improve your nation and people as its president?

What is Modern Age 2 about?

In this simulation game, you take on the role of a country’s president. As the nation’s leader, you have the authority to make all decisions, speak for your people, and participate in all forms of worldwide media. You also have a pile of jobs behind you that need for exceptional management and leadership abilities. When playing Modern Age2, you will manage your nation and guide its citizens in your chosen course. You can choose from a wide variety of nations in the game, including Australia, Australia, the United Kingdom, the Philippines, Korea, China, Japan, the Philippines, and many more. And that’s only the beginning; more work remains.


After “taking office,” you will first start to recognize the duties of the presidency. You are responsible for overseeing trade, production, taxes, the central bank, laws, the ministries of education and infrastructure, as well as science and research. You assume command of military teams, evaluate military doctrine with allies and domestic/foreign hostile forces, upgrade personnel, uphold training standards, and increase barracks. In terms of economics, it is required to evaluate tax policies, direct the nation’s agriculture, industry, and services, classify the nation’s economic strengths by regions, and add export and import revenue to the state budget. The domestic and international banking systems, the legal system, the education and training system, the religious system, and the infrastructure policy should all receive special consideration for sustainable growth. Do not overlook the Policy of Science and High-Quality Research, which impacts and controls all of the above. You know, even a day won’t be enough to cover all of the duties that a president of a nation must perform. You can only comprehend and take a step-by-step journey through such intricate works by stepping inside the Modern Age 2 simulation game. Being a leader is never simple. You’ll learn about the several responsibilities a president has in Modern Age 2. Work is plenty, and challenges keep coming. You must be able to learn in a calm manner, choose wisely, and take action when necessary. Only then will your nation be able to grow sustainably and gradually improve its position going forward.


You can direct special battles in Modern Age 2 to launch an invasion or repel one. Depending on their level of effect, large-scale military operations, the deployment of various military formations, and tactical choices will produce a variety of outcomes. Attack the nation, Espionage, Sabotage, Invaded Territories, and Nuclear program are examples of special campaigns. Various mighty wars, including infantrymen, cannons, armored fighting vehicles, tanks, helicopters, bombers, submarines, and warships, can be used. The final choice will be yours. On the map scene, there are a lot of battles happening. An icon serving as a symbol identifies each unit. When you have mastered the game, you may win with ease by moving, setting up formations, and allocating troops in various directions. You can then either widen the country’s borders or put an end to the rioting.

Solve the country’s big problems

You will encounter a variety of challenges as the nation’s top leader, including starvation, inflation, pandemics, protests, piracy, terrorism, ethnic and religious disputes, manipulation of the education and training system, economic monopolies, and protests. Numerous minor incidents occur that compel you to make a thoughtful choice that will benefit your country in the long run. In terms of national problem solving, Modern Age 2 excels since it depicts the leader’s conundrum. The President will need to have very different thinking than the average person. You must have an open mind, consider the big picture, and make a decision only after considering numerous potential outcomes and future possibilities. Sometimes you have to give up short-term gains to get more worthwhile items. Thus and only then can your nation flourish steadily and securely.
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A very comprehensive, extremely tactical game is Modern Age 2. It calls for players to pay close attention, consider the big picture, and make thoughtful decisions at every turn. Play this game to learn how the president thinks and functions!

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