Mini World: CREATA

Mini World: CREATA

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Name Mini World: CREATA
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Package com.playmini.miniworld
Publisher Supernice Digital Marketing Co., Ltd.
Category Adventure
Version 0.59.5
Size 891M
Requires Android 4.4Network required
MOD Features No
Introduce about Mini World: CREATABring Your Dream to Life! Many people believe that you should play a game of the same genre that is easier to play before playing Minecraft, such as Mini Wo...
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Introduce about Mini World: CREATA

Bring Your Dream to Life! Many people believe that you should play a game of the same genre that is easier to play before playing Minecraft, such as Mini World: CREATA. This will help you get acquainted to the gameplay and make the game’s sandbox environment easier and more enjoyable for you.

A wonderful world in Mini World: CREATA

Mini World: CREATA will contain all the structures, characteristics, and modes of interaction seen in the world of Minecraft. Everything in this place is unrestricted, free, and creative. There are no player levels or restrictions in the game. You can do whatever you wish, making up your own rules, viewpoints, and games like constructing a home, an apartment, a castle, or acting as mayor of a large city. You will then design a new adventure, explore the underworld, hunt for the Black Dragon, and foil the evil schemes that stand in your way in the universe you have created.

Three game modes for three different play styles

Survival, Creative, and Minigames are the three game modes available in CREATA. The goal of the Survival mode is to help you survive in this wide, colorful, but hazardous environment by gathering resources, building shelters, and continuously finding and making tools. You can freely explore many locations while undertaking several small and major activities, such as exploring tunnels, gathering priceless creatures, and battling the Black Dragon to defend the world. Your ability to practice, improve, and perfect your survival and combat skills will be possible in this pre-programmed environment. In a nutshell, this mode is for those that enjoy exploration and adventure. You can also play Creative mode if you want a fresh experience and unrestricted creativity in a sandbox environment. You currently possess all of the resources in the game and are the almighty, free to construct and produce anything you like. On undeveloped terrain, for instance, you could erect a gigantic forest, a technologically cutting-edge metropolis, a productive farm, or even a massive and impressive castle. You will design the game’s rules, construct adversaries, and enjoy the combat in that newly created universe as you develop new levels. Your creativity is the only thing that can be constrained. You can opt to play alone or with many other players online in both the Survival and Creative modes that were previously stated. Additionally, multiplayer Minigames mode is available. You will take part in a number of enjoyable mini-games created by the player base. This is a genuine celebration full of color and fun. With players from all around the world, you can play parkour, puzzle, first-person shooter, or a tiny competition strategy game. There are weekly competitions and tournaments with alluring prizes. Playing this mode is highly ideal if you want to have fun.


In order to survive in the dark dungeon with a group of adversaries and a variety of fierce monsters, you must gather as many resources as you can, make your own tools, construct bunkers, and employ weapons. This is known as the Survival mode in other fighting and building role-playing games. With the right-hand weapon collection and the left-hand cluster of movement control buttons, the procedures are likewise pretty simple. Every time you slay a monster successfully, you’ll gain experience points and useful prizes. These spoils serve as resources for upcoming building projects. Things drastically change once in creative mode. The huge sandbox environment in Mini World: CREATA has gameplay that is highly reminiscent to Minecraft. All of the game’s resources will be in your inventory. You only need to open, choose, and build it whenever you want to utilize it. Different sorts of blocks have various functions and uses. To begin with, you must become familiar with each of these distinct functions. Then they can be used effectively and fully utilized to their fullest extent. The game’s creative process involves continuously adding and removing building blocks to create whatever you desire. Everything that is created is free; there are no patterns or laws. It goes beyond the forts, bridges, roads, buildings, and other things we’ve ever known. You guys should feel free to create anything you like, but the more unusual and surprising the better, such as a flying machine or a forest that changes color depending on the time of day. It’s always possible to make enemies for oneself. The game also offers a ton of mini-games with various levels of difficulty to keep players on their toes. You can download other players’ work or publish your finished product to the Gallery if you’re happy with it. The gallery is a public area where members of the Mini World: CREATA community are allowed to display their works and showcase their artistic talents. Mini World: CREATA now offers up to 14 distinct language options: Languages spoken in Indonesia include English, Thai, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Russian, Vietnamese, Turkish, Italian, German, etc.

Graphics and appearance change constantly

Mini World: In addition to its innovative engine, CREATA is renowned for its endearing characters with clever names like Boom Bear, Yoyo King, Little Fish, Dinosaur, Panda, Mini Rabbit, and Crystal Cat. The game is regarded as a place to practice before entering the more complex Minecraft because of its similar gameplay. My initial impression is that I like Mini World: CREATA to Minecraft, although it could just be because I’m still getting used to sandboxing and partially because I enjoy the colorful and entertaining game style. The adaptability of Mini World: CREATA is a crucial consideration. This is another significant distinction from Minecraft and is what attracts so many players. You’ll be amazed to learn how diligent this gaming community is. When providing a number of updates and enhancements in the wake of significant annual events based on the seasons, significant holidays like Christmas, New Year’s, and Halloween, the maker also consistently upholds the promise and spirit of the game.
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Download Mini World: CREATA APK for Android

In conclusion, you ought to play Mini World: CREATA if you enjoy the sandbox game genre. This game includes a ton of adorable people, a ton of daily events, and a ton of intriguing objects just waiting for you to discover them.

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