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Introduce about MimicryThe difficulty of trusting when monsters may pass for humansGameplayYou can choose whether your character is male or female, and you can alter their face, h...
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Introduce about Mimicry

The difficulty of trusting when monsters may pass for humans


You can choose whether your character is male or female, and you can alter their face, haircut, and nationality in the game. Wait a time before forming a team with other players after selecting. Following completion, the squad lineup with each member’s name and identify will be displayed on the screen. Teams of up to 9 players are allowed to compete.


The sensation of being half real and half artificial in mimicry is what makes it interesting. You have no idea who your friend is or whether they are who they say they are. Basically, it’s due of this game’s peculiar design principle: In a base location surrounded by bitter cold weather, you and your squad are on a quest to explore the planet. Sadly, there was an extraterrestrial monster that could enter this facility using some cunning. Any human it sees can be bit by this creature, which can then change into its victim. Additionally, its capacity is dynamic. It can therefore manifest as a horrifying, slimy original monster with a protruding eye on its back and a bleeding, disfigured head covered in fangs, much like an alien. Alternatively, it can assume the shape of the person it just killed and then proceed to walk normally like that person. No matter who you are playing with or how many individuals are in the group, you should be ready for the possibility that anyone, including yourself, could be a monster in disguise.   This implies that monsters can be both you and the other players. We now have two possibilities: either you are still alive or the creature has already killed you.

In case you are still alive

You’ll need to perform three tasks at once. One is to complete the objectives that the game continuously assigns, such as obtaining the box, locating the key, starting the heater, and storing stuff. When a task is finished, it will automatically disappear from the screen’s upper left corner where it was displayed. There are times when a task is so complex that you are unsure of where to begin. Sometimes the assignment is fairly simple, leaving you with time for more difficult ones. This series of missions is ultimately intended to assist you in safely leaving the base before the monster consumes you all and takes over the area. The mission is merely a component. The second thing you should do is use the game’s built-in real-time audio communication feature to keep in touch and interact with other players as necessary. By doing this, you can gather the data you need to finish the mission and figure out who the genuine monster in disguise is. The third task is to gather weapons so you can protect yourself if the monster assaults you. Because of this monster’s aversion to fire, you can kill it by setting it ablaze using a Fire Thrower weapon you find along the way.

In case you are killed by a monster

There are two scenarios if, through bad luck, you are assaulted by it. If you can, flee and figure out how to get your blood back. Only the monster or the teammate it is impersonating can be seen at this moment. Fortunately, you can dispel suspicion if you can see that person. Also, do not be alarmed if you view it as a monster. Although it is disgusting, this monster “accompanies” you throughout the entire game. After then, it’s time to adjust. You naturally perish if you are unable to flee and cannot heal in time. The monster will now transform into you, and you will become the monster. Now, missions revolve 180 degrees. The goal now is to find and kill every human inside this base as well as all of the players without getting burned. You are no longer need to find the exit. You need to live like a powerful monster to accomplish this. You must have the guts to trick everyone and eliminate them one by one. Once they are all dead, you will have won. Yes, it is the baffling imitation trick. You can assume the appearance of a monster, a human, or another player who has been slain while you are playing. Your goal is to get out of the base before the monster kills everyone who is still alive. And if you turn into a monster, your goal is to eliminate every player without getting burned. Every battle is unique for a variety of reasons, including the players in the group, the difficulty of the challenge, and the manner in which the monster reacts and attacks. Therefore, the experience is constantly fresh even after numerous replays.

General assessment

Maps and locations abound in imitation. Each location has a distinct purpose and dreary vibe. Mimicry’s scenes aren’t overly elaborate, and there are certain spots where the scenery is even a little repetitive (like the snowy mound outside the base and the control room). Overall, however, there will be enough to keep you active, including numerous situations involving the mission and monsters as well as unforeseen encounters. Anyway, considering that this is not a AAA title, it is passable if you are not too particular. The monster has a very spooky appearance. I feel goosebumps every time I watch it grab a teammate, despite the fact that its appearance hasn’t changed. If this creature were outside, I wouldn’t dare turn around to look back. The soldiers are also quite competent. Because you can modify them, every participant has an own identity that is not shared. Good, versatile character movement with a wide range of abilities. You are able to crouch, walk, run, and attack monsters. But keep in mind that if you kill your teammates based solely on irrational accusations, others will quickly notice and kick you out of the game.
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It is, in essence, a pretty solid mobile game. The practice of mimicry is worthwhile. It lacks gore and is not dramatic or jumpscare in style. The horror is real, though. The monster’s capacity to assume the shape of any victim and your sense of distrust in everyone will keep you on edge. Why are you holding out? Immediately give it a try!

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