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Name Microsoft OneDrive
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Publisher Microsoft Corporation
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Version 6.55
Size 93M
Requires Android 6.0Network required
MOD Features No
Introduce about Microsoft OneDriveDo you require the services of a data backup service?What is Microsoft OneDrive?If you use a PC with the Windows operating system, you're undo...
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Introduce about Microsoft OneDrive

Do you require the services of a data backup service?

What is Microsoft OneDrive?

If you use a PC with the Windows operating system, you’re undoubtedly already aware of it. Microsoft OneDrive is a Microsoft application that, although being small and appearing to have a simple feature, provides users with remarkable efficiency and ease. In brief, you may store any papers, photographs, and other information in a fast, intuitive, and effective manner with only a few simple clicks on the smartphone screen. Without having to switch between numerous browsers to access different programs. Importantly, all Microsoft OneDrive activities take effect immediately and without delay. This is something you won’t be able to achieve with most other file manager apps on the market today.

Smart photo search feature through automatic tagging technology

This is Microsoft’s first illustration of AI in action. Finding a certain shot among hundreds of thousands of saved photos is nearly difficult with the phone’s ever-expanding memory. However, you can accomplish it quickly and easily with Microsoft OneDrive’s clever feature. This feature uses automatic tagging to help users find photographs quickly. This means that images saved on OneDrive will be automatically sorted by a variety of popular user subjects (such as places, food, friends, relatives, travel…). When searching, all you have to do is input these tags correctly, and the image will show automatically, narrowing the scope of your search and saving you time.

Automatically notify when the document has new updates

Don’t be fooled into thinking Microsoft OneDrive is just another storage app. It has excellent tracking features, and the program sends notifications to the owner for each operation, no matter how minor or significant, on existing documents on OneDrive. This function aids in the review of your work history, which is especially useful when working in a group.

Microsoft OneDrive also has a very convenient photo and video album sharing feature

It doesn’t matter where you transmit the photo or video as long as it’s in the OneDrive folder. Microsoft OneDrive integrates seamlessly with social media and current communication apps including Email, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Zalo, and Viber… Simply choose the image, go to Share, and then Channel. Done! It takes less than 5 seconds.

Microsoft OneDrive also lets you manipulate some important files OFFLINE

In comparison to other storage management tools on mobile platforms, this is a completely unique and novel feature. You can make some of your most important documents accessible even when you’re not connected to the internet. Then it can be used anytime it is needed, whether or not it is connected to the internet. When you get back online, everything will be updated and synchronized automatically, with no more action required.

What is the basic feature set of Microsoft OneDrive?

Using images and videos Simply upload to OneDrive, and the application will remember, backup to the cloud, and provide an AI tag for later retrieval. Because all of your images and videos are synchronised on the same account, you can access them on your phone, tablet, laptop, and PC. When it comes to files and folders Sorting, scanning documents, searching by keyword in name and content, sharing, receiving notifications when files are edited, password-protecting files, and choosing which apps to be allowed to use for offline use are all simple tasks. You can even recover deleted data by preserving them in the operations history. Also, thanks to sub-features like Mark up on PDF files, you can deeply interfere in any type of file.

Can the application ensure the confidentiality of information?

All files in OneDrive are encrypted, according to Microsoft’s pledge and program description. You can also create passwords for your key files if you like. Furthermore, the application system features a built-in ransomware detection and recovery function, ensuring the highest level of document security. With today’s mobile devices’ adaptability and large memory, it’s critical to arrange information and images scientifically, easily, and fast. The more complicated the world becomes, the more we must simplify everything around us in order to gain access to it quickly, efficiently, and securely. Microsoft OneDrive is a program that allows you to do all of this.

Download Microsoft OneDrive APK for Android

By default, the application provides 5 GB of free storage to all Microsoft accounts. Sign up for a Microsoft 365 plan with 1TB or more storage if you need more. To save and backup your data, click the link below to download Microsoft OneDrive APK.

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