Miami crime simulator

Miami crime simulator

Naxeex Ltd

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Name Miami crime simulator
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Publisher Naxeex Ltd
Category Action
Version 2.9.4
Size 95M
Requires Android 5.0 and up
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Introduce about Miami Crime SimulatorBecome a gangster...
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Introduce about Miami Crime Simulator

Become a gangster

Inspired by the city of Miami at a period when violence and illicit drug transactions were widespread. You will take on the role of a boss’s minion, with the following chores as well as a tutorial: running, driving, using a pistol, and purchasing ammo. You have complete freedom to explore Miami, gather weapons, steal excellent automobiles, and even blow up the whole city.

Because you are a gangster and your missions are not good, the cops will interfere or perhaps murder you if you are not cautious. Prepare to react! However, I do not suggest it since the game includes a wanted metre, and if it reaches a dangerous level, the police would deploy the whole tank to murder you. If you die, you would lose $2,000, which is something no one wants, right?


Living in a criminal environment requires you to adapt, which means you must know how to utilise firearms. Fortunately, Miami Crime Simulator has a huge selection, ranging from melee weapons like knives, scissors, baseball bats, batons,… to hot products like AK rifles, M4, Shotgun, RPG, Bazooka, Laser… You may choose the weapons you want and tailor them to your needs. Use them to finish chores swiftly or to completely destroy everything.

The weapon’s shooting effect is one of my favourites. Despite the fact that the game is free, the visuals are intricately made. The exploding effect of the rocket is the most attractive effect in my opinion. The hue of the fire and the black smoke billowing up added to the chaos of the environment.

Finally, when it comes to weapon power, the laser gun has the most powerful and reliable performance. If you want to do a lot of damage, choose Desert Eagle or RPG… However, if you want weaponry with high DPS (damage per second) and precision, try laser guns.


Driving gorgeous automobiles with high performance is one of my favourite aspects of playing action games, and Miami did not disappoint. It gives players access to a wide range of vehicles, including family automobiles, cabs, racing cars, Monster Trucks, and even tanks and helicopters. In the GTA series, you still have to go jogging to discover tanks or use cheat codes, but in Miami, you can purchase tanks and they will always be in your Garage the next time you play.

When it comes to aircraft, Miami sadly only provides us control of the helicopter, but the advantage for Miami is that flying the helicopter is quite simple. When it comes to GTA, particularly GTA: San Andreas and GTA: Vice City, having a number of buttons to operate the aircraft is difficult. There are just 5 buttons in Miami, including 3 control buttons and 2 fire buttons. The joystick is used for aircraft navigation as well as tilting in the desired direction; the other two buttons are used to take off and land the helicopter.

Although a helicopter is the sole way to move and fire, I believe it is worthwhile since the game has an auto-aim feature that allows players to concentrate on managing the aircraft and selecting the proper angle. The helicopter’s weaponry is very potent and has no limits (unlimited ammunition), allowing it to blow out tanks in seconds.


This is the major flaw of Miami Crime Simulator; while being artistically created and heavily spent in aesthetics, game developers do not pay much attention to the NPC system. As a result, the opulent metropolis becomes desolate. Even if you are sought by 5 stars, the cops will deploy a couple tanks to “warn” you and then depart as if nothing happened.

The characters’ lines are likewise fairly minimal. The only thing you can hear is the cops calling you back. Furthermore, there are no lines between NPCs and you, making the game exceedingly monotonous and impossible to create an impact on the player.


The store is the game’s second flaw. In general, there are a range of low-cost things available for purchase. However, in order to possess the most complex and authentic goods (rail gun, laser rifle, tank, and aircraft), you must utilise Gems (through replenishment). I believe that game developers should provide more options for players to play rather than pay.

Regardless of whatever website you get this game from, Miami Crime Simulator will continue to promote indefinitely, regardless of whether you have wifi enabled. This has a significant impact on the player’s experience. You just need to invest money if you want to eliminate advertisements. This leaves me feeling a bit let down.

Download Miami Crime Simulator MOD APK for Android

Naxeex’s Miami Crime Simulator is a fun adventure and action game. There are many parallels with GTA, and it is entirely free to download. The game’s good features include an easy-to-use control scheme and a simple store. The game’s disadvantage is that the NPCs and mission systems are not varied. If you want to possess strong products or eliminate adverts, you must spend a lot of money in the store.


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