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Name Max Payne Mobile
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Package com.rockstar.maxpayne
Publisher Rockstar Games
Category Games
Version 1.7
Size 7M
Requires Android 7.0
MOD Features Cheat Panel
Introduce about Max Payne MobilePlotThe clever secret police is Max Payne. He ...
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Introduce about Max Payne Mobile


The clever secret police is Max Payne. He unintentionally becomes involved in a sinister scheme while searching for information to battle the bosses in New York City. As a result, his entire family is slaughtered. He is also wanted for allegedly killing his family at the same time. As a cop trying to uphold the law but suffering harm from evil guys and dishonest police officers, Max makes the decision to go up against them by himself. Even though he was aware that he had little prospect of success in this conflict, at least he would be able to explain how his family died.

Free gameplay

The free play in Max Payne Mobile is identical to that in previous Rockstar Titles GTA games. You’ll assume the role of Max and travel to New York in search of retribution and the person responsible for your family’s passing. The game builds the plot from the ground up, places you in Max’s life while he was still leading a happy one, and guides you through its highs and lows. Overall, Max will battle for you against bad guys, criminals, and even former coworkers who Max formerly had a strong relationship with. The game’s controls consist of a virtual control panel with some simple functions like moving, aiming, opening doors, and picking up objects. With only a few buttons tucked away on either side of the screen’s corner, it is fairly straightforward. You can only play in third person, but you can still use your right finger to adjust the viewport so you can see more of the scene. The game also has an automatic aiming feature. This makes control easier because all you have to do to deliver damage is press the fire button, and Max will aim at the target for you. The adversary can, of course, dodge. To improve accuracy, you must aim your gun at him from a closer distance. You can disable this feature in the options if you don’t like it. I don’t advise doing this because your character can be more prone to dying while playing.

Discover more content

Max Payne Mobile’s content is broken up into numerous short segments. The problems you must overcome are represented by various stages in each chapter. Fighting off the bad guys is a big part of that challenge. They keep popping up, making Max’s life challenging and even dangerous. You need to gather certain tools and weapons along the way. Don’t skip levels because you won’t gain anything extra and instead will face more monsters as the difficulty increases. There is a ton of fresh content in the game in addition to the standard difficulties. The locations in New York City are truly noteworthy. This game will allow you to travel back to New York in the 1990s or to New York if you have never been there before. And last, I adore the visual storytelling approach of Max Payne Mobile. In the transitions, you can read the text, see the pictures, and hear the characters discuss their lives. These things are quite significant and show the unequal society of the time. When society forces a person to a dead end, they can become perverted and totally transformed.

Classic graphics

Midway through2012, Max Payne Mobile was initially made available for Android devices. It is currently older than 11 years. And this game was depicted fairly effectively in comparison to the general graphics at the time. It incorporates traditional Western elements from the 1990s in terms of style. Because of the street atmosphere and clothing, Max Payne Mobile has brought back a lot of memories for me. Max Payne Mobile actually has a really lovely design. Despite the development of new and sophisticated graphics technologies like Unreal Engine, Max Payne Mobile remains unrivaled in this regard. Additionally, the game does a good job of handling its graphics. The effects are top-notch, and the characters move naturally. Please use Android version 7.0 or higher and make sure your smartphone has roughly 1GB of free space.

MOD APK version of Max Payne Mobile

MOD feature

Hack Panel


To enable specific game features, choose Cheats from the main menu.

You can also try other applications like Extreme Landings Pro, Zombie Tsunami, and State of Survival.

Download Max Payne Mobile MOD APK for Android

Max Payne Mobile is currently available for free installation and play on our website. Discover New York with Max, take on the bad guys, and solve the mystery of his family’s passing. The game also gives you the option to select the degree of difficulty you want to play at. I suggest selecting “Fugitive” as opposed to “Hard-Boiled,” “Dead on Arrival,” or “New York Minute” if you are a novice.

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