Masketeers : Idle Has Fallen

Masketeers : Idle Has Fallen

Appxplore (icandy)

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Name Masketeers : Idle Has Fallen
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Package com.appxplore.masketeers
Publisher Appxplore (icandy)
Category Role Playing
Version 3.3.0
Size 150M
Requires Android 5.0 and up
MOD Features Increase Guardian Bonus
Introduce about MasketeersMasketeers is a passive game. It is intended for folks who want easy gameplay while still enjoying r...
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Introduce about Masketeers

Masketeers is a passive game. It is intended for folks who want easy gameplay while still enjoying role-playing games.

The developer has produced a one-of-a-kind game with a novel setting and plot thanks to player feedback. Masketeers also had a good rating, receiving 4.6 out of 5 stars out of a total of 18,000 votes.


The plot of Masketeers centres on a series of enigmatic masks. In one instance, little Caine inadvertently picked up a mask. When he took it up, it clung to his face, infusing him with a great source of energy.

It is this energy that has piqued the interest of demons. They emerged around Caine, causing havoc across the city in an attempt to get Caine to give up the mask. But then a mystery individual revealed the origin of this disguise to him. You are the chosen one, the one who will expel darkness and brutality from human existence.

Don’t get trapped in the dark

Boss Wraith commands the demons. He is attempting to acquire masks in order to increase his might while planning to rule the world.

Wraith will continually provide assistance in order to beat you. You must utilise your abilities to defeat waves of foes, preventing demons from destroying the human world one step at a time.

When the adventure starts, Caine will combat evil with the sword and the strength of the mystery mask. He will fight instinctively. When Caine’s skill icon is full, you may touch skills to increase his strength and battle speed.

Get support from other heroes

The fact is that Caine isn’t the only hero who wears a mystery mask. There are many more, and they will appear after Caine has passed a few specific levels.

Pixe was Caine’s first supporter. “Let’s play, but be kind!” she exclaims. Pixie’s mask has provided her with a sense of humour, transforming her kind-hearted nature into a shield capable of shielding others from malevolent rage.

Coro is up next. A warrior goddess with a harp. Her father, who had died, had given her a mask. She constantly hopes to make the world a more lovely place via her tunes, converting sadness into the pinnacle of optimism. Coro has tremendous internal strength, as seen by his ability to restore health to teammates and assault a group of opponents with electric sparks.

There are also a slew of additional characters. They will join Caine while he completes the game’s exceptional advancement.

Confront the bosses

Masketeers has introduced you to a plethora of villains from the dark realm. You must meet the leader of a demon species every time you cross a few waves from the enemy.

Bosses are the ones who have extraordinary strength. It will most likely take a lot of work and time for your squad of heroes to overcome him. However, bosses should not be an issue until you reach level 8. The Guardian is unlocked at that point. It consists of four mythical summoned beasts: the Phoenix (Power), the Turtle (Wealth), the Dragon (Vigor), and the Tiger (Fortunes). They provide all members of the group with a very potent source of energy.

The first Guardian to emerge is Phoenix. Your party’s attack power increases by 2500 percent from the first level. Turtle comes in second, with a defence of 2500 percent. Beasts that have been summoned may be unlocked and enhanced.

Skills and support

Characters may be levelled up. They do, however, spend the money on experience rather than gaining it via fighting.

Characters get skill points as they level up. This point is used to improve your skills. You will need to improve them on a regular basis as your talents increase one after the other. Pixe’s Mousy Momentum cannot be unlocked without first studying Spicial Delivery.

Masketeers also has a rune function. You may get legendary stones when fighting or on assignments. They are available in three different shapes: square, round, and triangular. To add more qualities, each appropriate kind may be mosaiced into the character’s outfit. Rocks, in general, do not have as many traits as the four summoned monsters. However, when you play at a high level, this function provides you with several benefits.

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