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Introduce about Mango LanguagesLanguage Learning That Is PersonalizedPainful past with misunderstand pronunciationWhen I was in high school, I studied English for many years an...
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Introduce about Mango Languages

Language Learning That Is Personalized

Painful past with misunderstand pronunciation

When I was in high school, I studied English for many years and found it to be fairly good. When I got to university, I decided to take a few more speaking courses and was shocked to discover that my English pronunciation was terrible. When it came to discussion, I felt as if all of my words had vanished and I was unable to speak. As a result of this, I have poor listening skills and am unable to understand what my teacher is saying. I began to listen intently because I was embarrassed. To modify my surroundings, I began listening to English music, viewing movies without subtitles, and listening to foreigners speak more directly, then practicing speaking as if I were a child learning early English. That procedure took two years until I had mastered the fundamentals. At the time, I fantasized about having software that could teach me how to enunciate like a native speaker, and that I could learn anywhere, anytime in the most comfortable and engaging way possible. But there were no such things as CDs to learn back then. Only those who had been through it could understand how horrible it was. So, when I came across this excellent English teaching software called Mango Languages today, my heart was determined to share it with everyone as soon as possible so that you can learn while saving a lot of money and time. Don’t be like me and start learning right away.

Mango Languages helps to learn English like a native

Mango Languages is an app for learning native languages. It not only assists you in mastering the fundamental abilities of a foreign language, but it also ensures that native teachers communicate in a consistent manner. I downloaded it to try out in a few days, and everything so far has been fantastic. This software is pleasant to use, and unlike some of my prior apps, it is not passive or monotonous.

How to use Mango Languages

You can choose your native language and the foreign language you want to study when you first open the app’s main screen. Mango Languages offers a variety of courses for each foreign language, so simply touch, choose, and learn as you want. You can come back to this main screen to modify the lesson type whenever you like in the future. The lessons you’re studying are still preserved in the correct format, so you can go back to them whenever you want.

Completely different from other language learning apps

We get lost in a particular skill like listening, speaking, reading, or writing, which is not the case with other language learning apps. They are either a true teacher who gives too many dull didactic lectures or a fun school that causes learning to become superficial, disorganized, and disorganized. Mango Language takes on the character of an enthusiastic guide who will assist you in reaching your learning goals. The Teacher and Companion collaborated on this app. It’s neither as serious as a teacher nor as lighthearted as a pal. You will be given a well-rounded platform, intermittent instruction, and interesting assessments based on a set of criteria. There’s also a feature that reminds you to finish each day without delving too deeply into the review sections so you don’t feel rushed. The rest is all up to you. Furthermore, unlike going to a language center, you will not have to pay any tuition fees because everything at Mango Languages is free.

The most abundant number of foreign languages today

Mango Languages offers a total of seventy different languages to choose from. The lessons are also quite comprehensive and adapted to the needs of each individual user. Arabic (Egyptian, Iraqi, Levantine), Chinese (Cantonese, Mandarin), Czech, Danish, French, German, French Canadian, Hebrew (currently ancient, biblical), Vietnamese, Italian, Japanese, Korean… are some of the courses available to English speakers. There are English classes accessible if you want to learn English: English for Arabic speakers (Egypt), French, German, Chinese (Cantonese, Mandarin), Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Russian, Spanish… Today’s top language learning app for Android is Duolingo. You can also try Beelinguapp if you wish to learn different languages through stories.

Some outstanding functions in Mango Languages

You can find out how to pronounce a word by double-tapping it. The sound is provided by studio-recorded native speakers, allowing you to listen and repeat pronunciations from the start. In addition, there is a recording feature that allows you to compare your voice reading to that of native speakers. Your speech will be matched with a native voice in the app, and the findings will be announced and plainly displayed. There’s a distinction, so you may keep adjusting your voice until it’s perfect. Mango Languages lessons can also be downloaded and learned offline at any time. Listening and reading exercises are very interactive. You can also learn more about the culture of the country you’re studying.

You can also try other applications like Pure Tuber, Musixmatch, and Yandex Music.

MOD APK version of Mango Languages

MOD feature

Unlocked Premium

Benefits of Premium plan

  • For you and 5 family members, all languages have been unlocked.
  • All lessons have been unlocked.
  • For you and 5 family members, all languages have been unlocked.
  • All lessons have been unlocked.

Download Mango Languages MOD APK for Android

In general, I’m pleased with my decision to use Mango Languages. I strongly advise you to download Mango Languages and use it if you want to learn English and speak it right away. Remember, if you don’t put in the effort, nothing will be able to aid you.

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