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Made: Is your Story as beautiful and thorough as this?There are already a slew of apps designed specifically for Instagram and Facebook Stories. But which app is right for you? The only way...
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Made: Is your Story as beautiful and thorough as this?

There are already a slew of apps designed specifically for Instagram and Facebook Stories. But which app is right for you? The only way to know if it’s right for you is to try it out once or twice to see if you can figure out how to utilize it and if it’s right for you. Today, I’d like to introduce Made, a Story application that many young people have loaded.

Made, literally Made, it’s all made for you

Made, in comparison to other Story management, creation, and editing apps you’ve tested, is without a doubt the program with the most colors and templates. Made has a unique feature that allows you to delete the background and replace it with a new, more contemporary one. And there’s nothing quite like it when it’s all done with just a few taps and touches. Take a look at this art collection, which was created entirely from Made. Made currently provides 32 free templates and 50 premium designs available for a monthly cost. But, in addition to using the provided templates, we can also use Made’s outstanding capabilities to build our own unique stories.

Layer creation function

You can utilize this function if your images are unappealing and have a dull background. You can replace your image at any time using Made’s over 40 monochromatic backgrounds and 80 pre-designed vignette patterns. You don’t have to do anything, of course. Simply upload the image to the app, select the feature to alter the backdrop, and then replace the background. AI assists you in following the outline of your subject, deleting an existing background and replacing it with the pattern of your choice. In some apps, however, this is rather exhausting, and many stages, even advanced ones like Photoshop on the computer, discourage users. Everything is smooth, real, and shockingly easy with Made.

Insert text into images, videos

Text, in addition to typefaces, colors, and effects, is an essential component of the images and videos shared on the Story. Made offers a high-quality collection of 16 font templates that are both free and distinct from those now available on Instagram. If you use a subscription service, the amount of fonts you have access to can be in the hundreds, not to mention the vast number of fonts the system updates every day.

Made owns a professional filter to edit photos before completing a Story

Do you have a lot of complaints about the snapshot you posted on your Story? Then simply apply Made’s professional Filter. Crop, collage, highlight, contrast, shadow, filter, healing, saturation, and a slew of other photo editing tools are included, as well as dozens of other sub-features including crop, collage, highlight, contrast, shadow, filter, healing, and saturation. If you don’t want to waste time, you can use the system’s AI to select an automatic editing tool. It still creates astonishingly gorgeous outcomes without taking more than a second in many cases.

Especially the connection feature, building a complete Story for Instagram

One of the primary drawbacks of today’s Story-making apps is that photographs and videos are created in the same format, regardless of the user’s selection. This causes Instagram stories to appear in a jumbled format, making them less participatory and beneficial for bonding with friends. Made has solved this problem by integrating and constructing a seamless story on your Story automatically. Simply upload your photos to Made, edit them or use auto-editing, then select Manage mode and create a tale. You’ll get a Story with a series of appealing images, synchronous effects, and a suitable dwell duration, so that viewers have enough time to read the text while not feeling compelled to swipe right. And if you continue on this path, your friends will not only witness a part of the story, but will also see a wonderful story that you created with the help of Made.

You can also try other applications like Magic Piano by Smule, PLAYit, and Telegram.

MOD APK version of Made

MOD feature

Unlocked Premium

Download Made MOD APK for Android

Made offers a 7-day free trial of the Premium package. This plan costs $4.99 per month. Premium users have unlimited access to any template, filter, typeface, or other feature. However, I believe the free version is sufficient for you to experiment with. If you want to access Premium features for free, go to the link below the post and download Made MOD APK.

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