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Mad Zombies

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Name Mad Zombies
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Publisher Vng Game Studios
Category Games
Version 5.30.0
Size 103M
Requires Android 4.4
MOD Features Unlimited Money
About Mad ZombiesStorylineThe environment of Mad Zombies is rife wit...
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About Mad Zombies


The environment of Mad Zombies is rife with outbreaks of zombie, just like most other zombie-killing video games (Dead Target, Dead Trigger2, etc.). As more individuals pass away, there will be more zombies. The end of the planet is imminent. The only thing you can do as a survivor is fight the brain eaters while brandishing a rifle. Either bring about world peace or just save yourself. The majority of the city serves as the game’s backdrop. It might be a garage, a hospital, a street, an alley, or any other location where there are a lot of corpses living when the sickness first spreads. You must therefore be extremely tough and resilient to engage in unyielding combat. You won’t even get a brief moment of rest.


The only objective of Mad Zombies is to fire your gun at zombies. They are frenzied and quick. Although they are dead, they can still run at you, bite you, and attack. Take them out! When all you do is aim and fire, the gameplay in this game is quite passive. The plot indicates that the movement has been mechanized. A lovely girl named Lucy will guide you. In order to swiftly eliminate the opponent before they can kill you, your operation must be incredibly flexible due to the large number of enemies. The speedier and more cost-effective method of killing zombies is with a headshot. There are many different kinds of weaponry available, including grenades, pistols, and machine guns. Even if the gameplay can stay put, you still need to be incredibly adaptable. Make a clear and efficient plan when dealing with a big number of foes and a variety of weaponry. Make your own choices; the choice to live is yours!

Crazy and bloodthirsty enemies

Your adversaries are irrational and homicidal zombies, as suggested by the name Mad Zombies. They hunt the survivors down and slaughter them in great numbers. Furthermore, you will come across a variety of zombies, including numerous huge zombies and flying zombies. Additionally, there are always unanticipated zombies advancing on you in sniper mode. Do take note! Zombies are always crazier and more dangerous, especially in new regions. Each of the more than 200 missions has a large number of frenzied and repulsive foes.


The arsenal of weaponry available to players in Mad Zombies is highly varied. There are numerous varieties of weapons, including handguns, machine guns, and sniper rifles. Depending on the intended purpose, each gun performs a distinct function. There are also more upgrades and parts for the gun. There are also grenades that explode explosively and spread harm far and wide. Guns in particular have extra features that make shooting more effective and efficient. Selecting the appropriate weapon based on its role will have unexpected results. Understanding your weapon is not sufficient, though. You must employ them in a genuine conflict. Save your ammunition and headshot zombies to finish them off quickly.

New experiences

You will have amazing encounters as a genuine soldier once you enter Mad Zombies. The most realistic experience comes from playing games in first person. The 3D visuals used to represent the zombies are incredibly lifelike. The majority of them originate from infected doctors and police. The corpse is covered in blood, and they always have the devil’s eyes on you. What an atrocity! As a result, playing games feels more real and intense than ever. Demonstrate your courage to everyone.

MOD APK version of Mad Zombies

MOD features

  • Unrestricted funds
  • Unrestricted Gold
  • Unending Medal
  • Unrestricted funds
  • Unrestricted Gold
  • Unending Medal

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Download Mad Zombies MOD APK for Android

Mad Zombies is an incredibly alluring offline shooter, it might be mentioned. For people who enjoy conquering, the game has challenging obstacles to overcome. Living or turning into a zombie Save the world from the zombie apocalypse by downloading this fantastic shooter game to your smartphone.

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