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Name Love Sick
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Package com.swagmasha.genres
Publisher Swag Masha
Category Games
Version 1.91.0
Size 55M
Requires Android 4.4Network required
MOD Features Unlimited Diamonds/Keys
Introduce about Love SickWho would you be if a romance happened to you?What does Love Sick bring to you?You play as the main female character in the romantic interactive tale game...
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Introduce about Love Sick

Who would you be if a romance happened to you?

What does Love Sick bring to you?

You play as the main female character in the romantic interactive tale game called Love Sick. Each story in Love Sick features a distinct cast of individuals. So that the result in the end is a romance. Depending on your choices and decisions, it could be brief or prolonged, dishonest or sincere. Love Sick’s fantastic flirting between the lady and boy in the game can surely make you absolutely sick if you enjoy reading romance books. It can clearly bring back all of your dreams and recollections of the most passionate love. You are now the major character in the story, as opposed to when you could only read and witness such romance in books or movies. The Love Sick experience can ignite your passion for love even if you have never given the romance novel or light romantic film genre any thought. Trust me! Any chilly heart will be warmed by sentimental phrases and intense circumstances. The game also perfectly combines a compelling narrative with dialogue-based interaction and contemporary fashion aesthetic. Each girl has a unique appearance, personality, sense of self, occupation, and history. You will demonstrate your abilities to plan and select clothing for your character so that she will be the most beautiful and seductive before each meeting. You may also hone your flirtatious language, gestures, glances, and movements in Love Sick. Nobody is naturally seductive; it takes work and development of skills. It applies to you as well. Maybe playing this Love Sick game will help you feel more at ease when conversing with the other sex as well as improve your ability to recognize and respond to “love” signals. Everything that has been done before is superior, right?

You will be the protagonist of a series of instinctive dating stories

To give everyone fresh dating experiences, Love Sick is continually adding new stories. I can only discuss a few of the past incidents, but I think the romantic nature of the game makes everyone shiver. Watch and see! Volcano Ball The top class humans and vampires will study together in one of the most elite universities in the world. And vampires appear every 20 years. The girls at the school always look up to and want to know more about this particular persona. However, only one person—by predetermined fate—becomes the seductive silhouette of the attractive Vampire’s woman in the narrative. You start to feel surrounded by everyone’s envy and jealousy at the same moment. There will be torments inside of you that make you doubt whether this amazing love story should actually start. Liana the Princess A royal family is featured in the tale. They were all slain by a wicked witch years ago. Time in the kingdom officially ceased flowing when the final life vanished. However, fortune continued to favor this kingdom when a single princess was still alive and living a solitary existence in the tranquil countryside. You are that princess. You acquire affection from two young men, a kind farmer and a gorgeous neighboring prince, until you unexpectedly learn your identity and tragic past. Who is actually deserving of your affection and trust? How do these two people fit within the history of the royal secret? Stunning Spy You will play the part of a stunning, seductive female secret agent in this novel, whose heart is still broken because her sweetheart dumped her for a very conventional reason: the third person. This time, your goal is to seduce the wealthy woman’s fiance in order to determine whether he truly loves her for herself or merely for the sake of fame, money, or something worse. But sadly, you end up falling head over heels for this charming fiancé. What will happen next? Is the man actually a nice or nasty person? Is there a justification for that forthcoming union? And how will you decide—would you choose job or love, accept giving up everything to follow your heart, or chose to go back to how it was? You may find many more intriguing tales like this in Love Sick.

MOD APK version of Love Sick

MOD features

  • Countless Diamonds
  • Numerous Keys
  • Countless Diamonds
  • Numerous Keys

How to use?

Even if there aren’t enough Diamonds and Keys, you can still utilize them.

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Download Love Sick MOD APK for Android

my associates Let’s sincerely acknowledge all of your primal needs. And Love Sick will provide you the chance to succeed in your goals. Play this dating game and blush for some unexpected romance!

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