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Name LOST in Blue
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Package com.volcanoforce.lost.global
Publisher Volcano Force
Category Adventure
Version 1.90.2
Size 836M
Requires Android 4.4
MOD Features No
Introduce about LOST in BlueStay alive while battling weird foes on a deserted island! The adventure role-playing game ...
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Introduce about LOST in Blue

Stay alive while battling weird foes on a deserted island! The adventure role-playing game LOST in Blue, from Volcano Force, has you fighting for survival. It has such a profound impact on my thoughts and feelings. Try it out and you’ll see why!

The story was full of surprises from the beginning

Is the well-known American TV series Lost the inspiration for LOST in Blue? There could be or not. Because the game contains many fresh details and is obviously more exciting later than the entire movie. A horrific plane catastrophe occurs in the game. You are the lone survivor, it seems. Here, we have a choice between a male or female character. I picked a man because of his strength. You realize you are in a desperate predicament when you wake up after being knocked unconscious in a crash. You then decide to start a true battle for survival. You’ll start seeking for water, bandaging injuries on your body, and finding medical supplies for wounds. Additionally, coconuts are common and can temporarily quench a person’s thirst and hunger. You carry on stumbling along when all of a sudden you come across a female who appears to be the other victim on the same flight. But oddly, she is biting someone else. You already know she has to be a zombie. You don’t have much time to consider; simply grab a paddle from anywhere nearby and start attacking zombies before it’s too late. She is not the only one, though. There is a horde of zombies moving quickly. You missed one in the back while bewildered. The screen changed to the aiming mode just as you were about to declare it over, and a bang followed. It transpires that a girl by the name of Jane is also present on this island. She and her kid were also stranded here, although it was a long time ago. They made it through the day, constructed a shelter and an electric fence around the home to protect it from their zombie foes and other bizarre creatures on the island. But everything was obliterated in a split second by the plane disaster, which you also suffered from. The electric fence is also urgently in need of repair since, without it, zombies would overrun the area and, at night, they will be surrounded by 1001 things that are ready to kill them at any moment. You, Jane, and subsequently Clair, Jane’s daughter, will all manage to survive on the isolated island once you have a grasp of the circumstances. The real struggle for survival and adventure starts at that point.

Survive and protect those you love

The objective of the game is for you and the non-player characters (NPCs) to gather materials, make tools and weapons, construct shelters, store food, and construct defensive walls (fence) in order to battle the enemy on this island. Extreme weather, mutant survivors, and zombies (often known as mutants) are some of their characteristics. The journey will take you to numerous harrowing survival locations, like raging volcanoes, icy glaciers, and perilous green woods. Even man-made impediments like expedition ships from the 1980s, top-secret research facilities, ages-old underground ruins, and lethal abandoned temples might pose a threat. Do everything you can to safeguard yourself, the two new family members who have entered your life, and, most importantly, to return home. You only need to do that to win the game. Have you been surprised by this challenging task? But it’s true that LOST in Blue is quite challenging. Therefore, the game has been fairly humanistic when it introduces certain necessary characteristics for survival, giving the main character a way of life and also assisting him in protecting the “new family”. You can first gather weapons and other necessities and put them in your backpack. It’s simple to gather; just go up to the green-marked circles and touch the object to take it. Sounds simple, no? However, the feeling of fury is not at all pleasant when you see a weapon but the zombies are going to spring out. You can then improve and expand your character’s skills and weapons. After gathering, your armory may contain a variety of items, ranging from more sophisticated weapons like rifles to more basic ones like an axe, wooden staff, sickle, and armor. You can learn how to create your own weapons even with all of the stuff you have acquired. You greatly benefit from each item in various combat or building circumstances. You will go through everything a typical human goes through to survive. We need to do a lot of other things besides battling, erecting shelters, and gathering weapons to sustain life. They might be repairing the vegetable garden, locating seeds, planting, going on a hunt, harvesting wild foods, or fishing. And even more challenging defenses like electrified fences and arrow towers…

Graphics and sounds

It must be acknowledged that LOST in Blue’s 3D graphics are quite amazing. Each character moves in a rhythmic manner and has a unique shape. Short, spectacular, and incredibly realistic battles are featured. The scene that appears in front of your eyes in such a mobile game is amazing because it is exquisite in every way. Speaking of stunning scenery, the game’s deserted island setting has to be the best. You can explore many nooks and crannies, including those in the forest, on the mountain, below the sea, and even below ground. Each location’s scenes are incredibly detailed, vibrant, and use believable 3D effects. The sound is another fascinating feature. Even though the background music is soft, it always reminds me of the sky just before a rainstorm. Every character’s action stands out against that pale background, including the sound made when picking up objects, battling foes, building, crafting weapons, and simply quietly strolling. They’re all really real.
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Download LOST in Blue APK for Android

This game, in my opinion, is fantastic for individuals with a sense of adventure and creativity. because it explores more of the player’s mentality than merely building, living, or battling. And it will be fantastic if you can play it on a widescreen phone or tablet with external speakers. Because this is ultimately a really stunning and cool mobile game.

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