Little Big City 2

Little Big City 2

Gameloft Se

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Name Little Big City 2
Updated On
Publisher Gameloft Se
Category Casual
Version 9.4.1
Size 29M
Requires Android 4.1 and up
MOD Features Unlimited Money
The story is fascinatingIn this game, you must collaborate with an unusual mayor and his human resources system. A plethora of a...
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The story is fascinating

In this game, you must collaborate with an unusual mayor and his human resources system. A plethora of amusing and amusing tales emerge to add to the game’s hilarity. Furthermore, investors have a variety of viewpoints; you must choose a strategy to build the city as you see fit.

Build your dream city

You will be granted a desolate tropical island with no shadows when you initially arrive in Little Big City 2. If you believe you must discover a means to live, acquire food and drink, make weapons to fight zombies, or do anything similar, you are mistaken. Unlike survival games, your goal in this game is to establish a lively metropolis with the few funds given. The game’s instructional portion is highly informative and simple to grasp, assisting you in understanding how it works and how to play this game.

Everything huge begins with a simple step. To begin, you must construct some residential zones in order to entice people to dwell in your city. Your city is entirely made up of plants and weeds. Clean them up and replace them with skyscrapers, commercial malls, or a vast park. You will gain money and experience after completing your first residence. Continuing in this vein, you will create a prosperous city that is a haven for everybody.

You may pick from a variety of subjects for the city, including industry, culture, and science, or you can choose all of them. Once you’ve created some fantastic structures, you’ll be able to attract more visitors and residents. They are the folks who earn money so that you may continue to develop and create your city.

Turn your city into a paradise

The structures you construct aren’t simply for show. In actual life, each building has a unique set of affects. The airport is in charge of transferring visitors and wharves to other towns to trade products. Some programmes assist you in harvesting agricultural items such as wheat, fruit, and meat. There are hundreds of distinct structures in the game, each with three phases of construction. If you believe any buildings are obsolete and producing commodities too slowly, replace them with new structures or update them.

In this game, the two major sorts of money are money and diamonds. Producing and trading commodities may yield money. Performing everyday duties is another excellent technique to earn additional money. Diamonds are the game’s unique currency. Diamonds may be obtained through viewing advertisements, completing tasks, or purchasing them with cash. Furthermore, Little Big City 2 MOD APK provides you with a significant quantity of money to help you create your city swiftly.

Beautiful graphics

Little Big City 2’s interface is really nicely built. Your city takes up the most of the screen space, but various characteristics such as money, population, diamonds, and so on are placed horizontally at the top of the screen. Your workers and a list of tasks to perform are shown on the left side of the screen.

Overall, it’s difficult to find fault with the visuals. The game is far better than its predecessor, with amazing and colourful 3D visuals and superb picture quality. Your city is a tropical paradise, with big skyscrapers, beaches, trees, parks, and so forth. Furthermore, the game has excellent performance, allowing it to function smoothly on the majority of Android devices.


You may become the finest mayor and a millionaire in Little Big City 2. This city is yours, the money is yours, and you have the ability to make it the most livable city in the world. Why not download this game right now and create your own paradise?

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