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Package com.playdead.limbo.full
Publisher Playdead
Category Adventure
Version 1.2
Size 115M
Requires Android 4.4
MOD Features No
About Journey to find the light sourceAfter being developed on the PC for a year, PlayDead's thrilling adventure game LIMBO was first made available on the XBOX 360 in 2011. The game was wel...
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About Journey to find the light source

After being developed on the PC for a year, PlayDead’s thrilling adventure game LIMBO was first made available on the XBOX 360 in 2011. The game was well received by gamers. Beginning in January 2015, the first LIMBO mobile app was made available for free to gamers.

Journey to find the light source

No matter the time of day or night, LIMBO is still surrounded and followed by darkness on treacherous roads and mortal danger everywhere. Little LIMBO, who is homeless and has a slender build, lacks affection from his family and grows up in a violent conflict with no close relations. Death and despair are perceived to be close by in the darkness, but LIMBO refuses to give up; his desire to live has motivated him to set out on a quest to find the light of life. Players of the LIMBO game immerse themselves in the story of the journey while playing an adventure game with puzzle solving elements. The youngster emerged from the dark corner in the first scene, which was in black and white and was filled with death. In order to discover a remedy for the horror in the shadowy country of death without end, the boy’s silhouette continued to move ahead despite labored breathing and heavy footfall.

Gameplay of LIMBO

There are no instructions or conversation at all throughout the game. It’s a never-ending journey in which you take on the role of the young LIMBO, who is always searching for the light in a world filled with monsters and darkness. Become LIMBO, and your job will be to navigate the screen using the scroll keys to steer the running boy, jump, drag objects, and swing the rope. There are no levels in LIMBO; instead, you must travel endlessly through the forest, wade over rivers, and explore deserted homes before suffering terrible deaths at the game’s conclusion. Waiting to be sucked up by sharks, smashed by rocks, executed by guillotine, or pierced by a pointed, sharp spear through the endless repetition makes you feel hopeless. In the event that you lose, the adventure will begin again from the point where you last crossed. Deep pits, lofty trees, lakes, abysses, the sharpest vaults, and the most dreaded adversaries of all are the enormous spider monsters will be your major enemies throughout the entire game. Because it is incredibly tough to get past these barriers, the game forces you to constantly think and exercise cognitive awareness of your actions because that is the only way you can survive.

Graphics and sound

Black and white serve as the game’s primary colors, and there is also a whimsical setting that will help you become accustomed with it right away. The controls are laid out simply to make it simple even for novice players to play high jump for the first time. The death of the game character on each path and the fog effect both make the game more appealing to players. There is no background music in the game’s audio, just the protagonist’s loud, heavy footsteps. Occasionally, you can also hear rain, crickets, wind chimes, and crows screaming in a chilly language, which will give you goosebumps at every turn. A game’s quietness can add artistic value and convey a statement that no other game titles can.

APK Full version of LIMBO

What is LIMBO APK (Full Version)?

This is the version that IPHONESIDE bought. The entire game will be enjoyable for you to download and play.

Why choose the APK (Full Version)?

Simply because you can play the game for free instead of having to shell out $5 to buy it.

How to install LIMBO

Step 1: Download LIMBO’s APK and OBB. The second step is to unzip and then copy the com.playdead.limbo.full folder to your phone’s Android/obb directory. Note: Make sure is present in the com.playdead.limbo.full folder. Install the APK file on your phone in step three. Launch the game and start playing! You can also try other applications like Townscaper, Dream League Soccer, and Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures.

Download LIMBO APK for Android

Overall, LIMBO and all of Playdead’s games are preoccupied with death and horror, but they also have profoundly humanistic undertones. Both the iOS and Android operating systems support LIMBO. So you can soon download games on your phone to learn new things and conquer challenges along the way!

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