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Lily’s Garden

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Name Lily's Garden
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Package dk.tactile.lilysgarden
Publisher Tactile Games
Category Games
Version 2.21.4
Size 146M
Requires Android 5.0
MOD Features Unlimited Coins/Lives
Introduce about Lily's GardenMatch-3 puzzle games have recently gained popularity, however I'm not sure if it was Diamond Diaries Saga or Candy Crush Saga that spurred it on. However, by inc...
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Introduce about Lily’s Garden

Match-3 puzzle games have recently gained popularity, however I’m not sure if it was Diamond Diaries Saga or Candy Crush Saga that spurred it on. However, by incorporating fresh components to draw gamers, developers have demonstrated their originality from these early concepts. Lily’s Garden is a demonstration, it has a storyline, and the gameplay happens within a clear, well-defined plot.


This engaging puzzle game will engage you with both the gameplay and the backstory. It combines a jigsaw puzzle, object connection, and villa care. Lily is a young girl with bad luck. After splitting up with her partner, she had a string of catastrophes. Despite inheriting her great aunt’s opulent property and garden, she was terribly devastated when she passed away. However, the aunt had given her a crucial requirement: she had a month to clean the space. The testament will be void if such happens. Lily needs your assistance in a real race, by the way.


Lily will need to finish a number of jobs that are illustrated in vintage jigsaw puzzles in order to make the mansion tidy and clean. The dew, dandelion, and seed sack are dropped at the end of the grid when two or more of the same color are matched and removed from the board. Unusual bricks and their accompanying rows or columns can be deleted using the two flying and scraping tools, while bigger clusters produce rockets and bombs that, when combined, can explode. After you’ve planted enough flowers and cleared away the debris, you may add your own flair by selecting one of three possible walkways, creating a fountain, or even selecting a new honeycomb for the bees. As a result, the play would go on, with Lily switching off between working in the home, the garden, the main yard, and the gate. As more items are unlocked and everything is eventually refreshed and mended, the difficulty also rises dramatically. Observe that? Each mission’s targets become closer together and move less (Move). Bricks of the same color appear distinct, farther apart, and you must plan out your moves to connect them. But don’t worry, there are solutions for everything. Future assistance goods will also become available to you thanks to Lily’s Garden!

Let decorate the garden

If you look at Lily’s Garden from a different angle, you’ll notice that the objective is to decorate the castle that Lily’s aunt left for her. From the simplest elements like mailboxes, garden chairs, and flower pots to fountains, interior furnishings, and even the flower gardens in front of the hall, you have the chance to redesign the architecture here! It is all your responsibility to arrange and display the numerous elements that Tactile Games has added to this game.

What’s new in Lily’s Garden APK’s latest update?

The performance of Lily’s Garden has recently been improved, and several small flaws have been reported by users in reviews. However, the addition of the quest series is what’s actually important to note here. You have the chance to learn new things that Lily’s aunt never told you right there in the enormous mansion. There is a defunct aircraft plant at the back. It wasn’t used for a very long time, therefore the information from there was left behind and forgotten. Please make this clear and you will be rewarded generously!

MOD APK version of Lily’s Garden

MOD feature

Unlimited lives and cash are available for use in purchasing goods, furniture, and unlocked support equipment. Additionally, you have unlimited lives and are free to play as much as you choose.
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Download Lily’s Garden MOD APK for Android

In the meantime, Lily’s own tale developed into a protracted love story. Could her issues be solved by clumsy but honest neighbor Luke? Put some effort into those puzzles, check if Lily’s Garden can produce the seeds of love, and then roll up your sleeves!

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