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Introduce about LifesumThe health category's application is Lifesum. Do not miss it if you want to enhance your fitness and health.Set a personal pl...
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Introduce about Lifesum

The health category’s application is Lifesum. Do not miss it if you want to enhance your fitness and health.

Set a personal plan

When you first start using Lifesum, you can choose from three different goals to work toward for people who are struggling with their weight. These include the following: the need to lose weight (which necessitates the establishment of a smart diet), the need to maintain current weight (which necessitates the establishment of a more optimized diet), and the need to gain weight (which necessitates the establishment of (make a plan with high protein foods). After that, put in your current height and weight. Each period will be analyzed and plans will be proposed by the system. With the following parameters: men, 176cm, and 65kg, I wanted to gain 8kg. Within the 16-week plan that I devised, the weekly goal is to lose 0.5kg. They can, of course, be altered.

Set a smart diet

Lifesum is in charge of creating a customized diet for each weight problem you select. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are among them. The number of calories absorbed has been calculated for each of them. All you have to do is go to the food menu and choose the dishes you want.

Sync with other health apps

The Premium version includes more powerful features that will assist you in achieving your goals as quickly and efficiently as possible. The ability to connect with other applications such as Google Fit, Fitbit, Withings, Runkeeper, and Endomondo is noteworthy. There are numerous recommended exercises from which to choose. You can begin an exercise that burns calories for better health, stimulates digestion, and aids in the absorption of substances.

Discover new plans

There are numerous optimal plans for having a better body without causing the difficulty you seek in the change process. Ketogenic diets, for example, reduce carbohydrates while increasing the amount of healthy fat in the body. The ultimate goal is to lose weight faster, prevent diabetes, and aid brain dysfunction treatment. Building a guaranteed menu, on the other hand, keeps you full, nutritious, and includes glucose in a complicated way. But don’t worry; Lifesum has done the research and provided the highest-quality recommendations. Meal Plans, Enhanced Health, and a Balanced Diet, such as Food for Strength with Protein-Rich Foods or Clean Eating with a Nutritious Menu, are also included in the app. The application will ask you to respond to seven short questions. The goal is to gather data in order to create optimal plans that are tailored to your body.

Track your diet

You can use the camera to scan barcodes for products to learn about nutrient flow, carbohydrate, protein, fat, and calorie content.

Recipe collection

When you have spare time, you may feel compelled to go to the kitchen and prepare a meal. Check out the Recipes feature if you want something that is nutritionally sound and low in calories. There are several categories to choose from, including Snack and the hottest dishes. All of the components’ weight and calorie counts have been determined. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are also suggested for three meals per day. You can design a menu by combining it with the weight growth or weight loss plan you choose previously.

Visual chart

Lifesum includes an analyzer that takes into account the amount of food consumed as well as the amount of exercise performed. Each day, they will update and post the chart. There is data on the number of nutrients absorbed, such as protein, sugar, carbohydrates, cholesterol, sodium, and so on. It will also draw comparisons between the input goals set forth in the strategy and what you have accomplished. Then you’ll know how to make the necessary adjustments.

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MOD APK version of Lifesum

MOD features

  • Unlocked Premium.
  • Ads must be removed.
  • Analytics/Crashlytics should be turned off.
  • Multiple languages are supported.
  • Unlocked Premium.
  • Ads must be removed.
  • Analytics/Crashlytics should be turned off.
  • Multiple languages are supported.

Download Lifesum Premium MOD APK for Android

You can effortlessly get your desired body and weight with Lifesum. The company’s development staff has put in a lot of effort, undertaking extensive research to present you with the best menus and training routine. They will continue to provide updates in the future to improve performance and introduce new features.44M

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