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Name Life of Mellow
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Package com.mondayoff.mellow
Publisher Mondayoff
Category Games
Version 0.59
Size 69M
Requires Android 7.0
MOD Features IAP Purrchased, Free Shopping
Introduce about Life of MellowLive in harmony, like a bird singingLife of Mellow, a relaxing survivalDespite coming from the most well-known mobile game company in Korea, MondayOF...
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Introduce about Life of Mellow

Live in harmony, like a bird singing

Life of Mellow, a relaxing survival

Despite coming from the most well-known mobile game company in Korea, MondayOFF, information about Life of Mellow was scarce before it was released. In comparison to the big games this publisher has previously released, it might even be said to be a touch faint. However, since its release, Life of Mellow has delighted all age groups, including those who are ardent fans of other mobile game genres. It is also logical. You know, we seldom ever come across a survival game that is calm and serene without being busy, noisy, or violent all day long like this one. Additionally, the manner in which the game was released—gently as a fresh breeze amid the hectic forest of mobile games today—is peculiar.


As a marshmallow, we play. It will take a lot of work to build, cultivate, and survive in a little space for a very long time. Building your town, planting a farm, gathering resources, and turning your life from “simply existing” to “mastering your life” are your objectives in the game. The formerly barren terrain will become lush, vibrant, and full of economic opportunity. That’s around where Life of Mellow takes place.

Live without hustle and bustle, everything is just enough

Life of Mellow has introduced a novel survival concept that differs from the typical survival games that concentrate survival fighting components. In which the two key phrases that convey the entire feeling to the player are “Enjoy” and “Experience.” You don’t need to worry much; all you need to do is relax, open your heart, and take in the natural beauty around you in your own unique way. Then, gradually improve in all areas. You’ll begin by constructing your ideal village. To assure local food sources, we must first gather materials (wood, stone, and metal) and plant various crops. With the necessary materials, you begin constructing the first house. After finding a spot to rest, one can consider growing more intriguing plants. The field of animals and other items can be expanded if you recruit other marshmallows to assist you in planting, cultivating, and harvesting crops. You will utilize the money generated from the sale of agricultural products to construct additional structures and expand the property. The town also need higher-level management because there are more issues as the population grows. You’ll rapidly earn everyone’s respect as the village leader if you can manage to endure the four seasons while taking pleasure in the laid-back ambiance of your lovely and prosperous hamlet. You will need to make more macro-scale decisions later on when things are more difficult. You have to respond to inquiries like, “Should we enlarge that wooden room over there? Should the acreage be divided into smaller sections so that various crop varieties can be alternated with animals there? Should we increase our workforce to support the crop this year? You will eventually develop in intellect and skill if you practice tackling everything, no matter how big or minor.

On a peaceful landscape, survival goes on every day

However, there are some conflicts as well. There are always dangers in this area that could prevent you from living the simple life you want, including severe winter weather, natural disasters, epidemics, dangerous wildlife, and a string of trying circumstances that will follow one another. Are you courageous enough to persevere and prevail no matter what? At this point, Life of Mellow’s survival component becomes most obvious. Every season has its own traits and difficulties. The trees are luxuriant and ideal for planting and growing animals in the spring. You must rapidly locate a reliable source of water before the summer’s hottest months arrive since it will be hot. The weather increasingly gets harder to adjust to throughout the fall and winter. Certain things will happen. You must have a shelter prepared, food and water reserves, as well as several backup plans for livestock and crops. One unique aspect of Life of Mellow is the character’s capacity to acquire new life skills. The marshmallow character appears so soft, but he may constantly learn new talents to live, such as making farming tools and using pickaxes, shovels, hammers, and saws to mine materials. Learn to do things on your own, raise and harvest a variety of crops, and capture wild creatures for food. Playing Life of Mellow has taught me a lot of things. I even entertained the idea that if I ever got lost somewhere like this, maybe I could accomplish something because of this game.

Graphics and sound

The weather and color characteristics of each season in Life of Mellow also draw me in addition to the natural beauty and tranquility of the surroundings. All four seasons—spring, summer, autumn, and winter—are distinctive and surprisingly lovely. While performing, I often sit and desire I could escape the hectic city and had the self-assurance to locate a tranquil setting and construct anything in this manner. And right now, that dream is burning even hotter. Let’s talk about the sound. To be completely honest, the calming background music makes me melt. You can practically see the poetry picture in front of your eyes because it is so stunning, and you just want to get there as soon as possible. With a variety of minor or pleasant sounds, the characters’ actions are highly realistic in this story. Never taking a break, they work nonstop. I do feel more at ease when I hear life. Particularly, as the village grows, there will be an increase in the number of tunes and exciting, alluring, and colorful rhythms that signal the town’s wealthy times.

MOD APK version of Life of Mellow

MOD features

  • Free Purchasing
  • IAP Acquired
  • Free Purchasing
  • IAP Acquired


Even if you don’t have enough money, you can utilize your money to purchase anything.
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The building elements are combined in the survival game. It has really adorable artwork and is really light and soothing. I gained a lot of knowledge from playing this fantastic game, and my mood was excellent. Let’s try Life of Mellow whether you share the same pastime or if you’re looking for some serenity during this trying period.

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