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Life is Strange

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Name Life is Strange
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Package com.squareenix.lis
Publisher Square Enix Ltd
Category Adventure
Version 1.00.310
Size 35M
Requires Android 7.0
MOD Features Unlocked All
PlotLife is Strange has won numerous honors, which is no accident. The Life is Strange plot received a lot of praise after the fir...
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Life is Strange has won numerous honors, which is no accident. The Life is Strange plot received a lot of praise after the first installment of the five-part game was released in January 2015 for consoles (and later on the Mac). This is the tale of a young woman named Max Caulfield, a photographer, and her companion Chloe, who set out to discover what had become of a missing student from the high school Max was attending. Naturally, they are able to do this because they can travel back in time to Max’s period. The odd choice made by the game’s designers to design two heroines rather than one has been praised by critics. Players are drawn to the characters in the game because of how well-developed they are, and the Garden State theme song blends in with the game beautifully, adding just the appropriate amount of sorrow. And while this makes the game sound a little depressing (it’s not), Life is Strange’s narrative deftly touches on a variety of social topics, including bullying in schools, addiction, suicide, and unemployment. The story is the same in both the Mac and iOS/Android versions. Max Caufield was enrolled in a photography course at Blackwell Academy in Arcadia Bay, Oregon, when the match began. Touch the screen to lead Max to the restroom after he fails to correctly respond to the teacher’s question. Touch again to view the poster or interact with other people and things along the route. You can also pull left and right to have a 360-degree look around. Max unintentionally witnessed a girl being shot and killed while using the restroom. Max is sent back in time by this horrific event, which also enables you to learn more about the game’s unique mechanics.


You can go back in time and try again if you don’t like the direction the story is taking. And it was from this point that Max’s journey to alter his history began. But as we all know from seeing time-travel movies, when the past is altered, the future is also altered. In the game Life is Strange, each choice you make will determine whether a character lives or dies.


Life is Strange is still making an effort to maintain the same user interface as the PC/Console version on mobile devices. The game’s graphical backdrop was thoughtfully created and is comparable to the original PC edition. In order to improve the experience for players and optimize the game, a few more elements are also adjusted. You can also try other applications like Aerofly FS 2022, Stickman Party, and Subway Surfers.

Ready to travel time?

You will discover a lot of other interesting stuff in the game in addition to the plot and fantastic gameplay. You’ll find it fascinating to learn about the many elements pertaining to popular culture and literary works that are included. It is intentional that Max’s family is connected to that of Catcher in the Rye. The publication states that Winter is Corning or a line from Jaws can be seen on a lot of plates relating to the Breaking Bad television series. Stop making any plans. Arcadia Bay is a town you won’t want to miss out on. The app store and google play now sell Life is Strange. Using the links below, you can download the game.

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