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Kuroyama Booster

App Name Kuroyama Booster
Publisher Evos
Genre Apps
Size 3.15MB
Latest Version v3.0
Update September 23, 2021

Mobile Legends and similar games today are on the rise thanks to their enjoyable features. These are games that let players have fun with their friends or random people on the internet. Each character in these games is unique, and you’ll be able to perform many strategies today.

With many games available today like Vainglory, League of Legends, Arena of Valor, and Mobile Legends, you can enjoy plenty of unique ones so, if you’re looking to rank up quickly in ML, download Kuroyama Booster today!

This is quite simply an app that can provide you with a lot of benefits today. In this app, you can access the map tool that will enable you to see the character’s location in the mini-map. Not only will you see your teammates but enemies as well, so you can fight them easily.

Then, you can also enjoy the Team No Lag function and Enemy Lag which is exciting tools. You can also enjoy the Rank Booster, Auto Win, High Damage, and more.

Rank up with Kuroyama Booster
The MOBA genre is populated with various games today. We tend to play games when they’re popular, and Mobile Legends has been famous for years! It’s a game that requires intense strategies and fights between players.

The ultimate goal of a team is to destroy the base of the enemy. To do this, they’ll need to plow through countless turrets, creeps as well as other players.

When you think that you have what it takes to rank up in ML, it’s more complicated than you might think. So, you’ll need the help of Kuroyama Booster so you can easily win countless games today. This app is equipped with numerous tools like the Rank Booster, which can increase your rank automatically.

Then, there’s the Enemy Lag function which will increase the ping of the enemies so you can eliminate them. Then, you can also enable the High Damage function so you can become more powerful.

You’ll be able to rank up quickly and obliterate enemies with this app! Feel free to download it today.

Features of Kuroyama Booster
If you want an automatic tool that can help you rank up, you can download Kuroyama Booster today.

Boost Your ML Rank – There are so many games like Mobile Legends right now, but this one is still famous. It’s been one of the longest-running MOBA games in the Google Play Store, making it difficult for new players to penetrate.

Since there are now many top-rank and skilled players, new ones are getting demolished by Smurf accounts. So, if you don’t want to get wrecked playing this game, download Kuroyama Booster now! This is an app that will instantly help you win matches!

This app contains many tools that can instantly help you win matches. If you want to win games, you can then enjoy the tools here like Team No Lag which improves your ping and your teammates.

Then, you can also inflict an opposite tool on the enemy, which is called Enemy Lag. What this does is that it makes the enemy’s connection slower. Then, you can also use the High Damage tool so you can quickly kill opponents.

Team No Lag and Enemy Lag –Many things can affect an internet connection experience today. When you’re playing online games like Mobile Legends, internet connection strength is vital. That’s why with the Team No Lag tool, you can make your connection more robust and more stable.

This tool will also help your teammate’s connections so you can become stronger as a team. Then, there’s the opposite tool which is the Enemy Lag. As the name suggests, this tool will diminish the ping of the enemy team!

High Damage and Rank Booster – You can also increase your damage output with the High Damage tool! This will significantly increase your attack power so you can annihilate enemies! There’s no reason not to lose with this tool since your skills will be boosted beyond limits.

With this tool, you can dominate even high-level players today. Then, there’s the rank booster tool which will instantly increase your rank! You can then fight against more vigorous opponents if you wish.

Auto Win and Map tool – You can also automatically win if you want to with the Auto Win tool. Kuroyama Booster will make sure that you win the game, so you don’t have to exert any effort.

Then there’s the Map tool which will let you see the opponent’s locations all the time! You can also access the situation more clearly here!

Rank Types – You can also easily rank up to any rank you wish, from Warrior to Grand Master to even Mythic!