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Name Kingdom Two Crowns
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Package com.rawfury.kingdom2crowns
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Version 1.1.14
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Requires Android 6.0
MOD Features Free Shopping
Introduce about Kingdom Two CrownsPlotTwo rulers are impossible in a monarchy. However, Kingdom Two Crowns' imaginary world is where t...
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Introduce about Kingdom Two Crowns


Two rulers are impossible in a monarchy. However, Kingdom Two Crowns‘ imaginary world is where this is taking place. Together with other creatures, humans evolved and brought the idea of power with them. As a result, they start a disagreement. Even though humans have been exiled to far lands and given less food, the greedy beasts still don’t seem to be satisfied. A figure wearing a golden crown and riding a white horse then materialized. He represents a slim chance for people to reclaim their rightful place in society.

Build your kingdom

Nobody else—you are the one wearing the crown and astride the white horse. You are a lone player at the start of the game, thus your first move should be to look for more players. You may quickly locate your initial base by swiping left or right on the device while looking at the map. Your first base, though, is extremely crazy. It lacks armies, finances, and other things. In order to reap benefits, you must combine your wisdom with the game’s gold money. You must first construct defense towers. Then, give people money so they can live, work, cut trees, and excavate rocks to explore new regions. Your efforts might then be immediately apparent to the naked eye. The citadel was constructed along with additional military forces, flags designating the region’s boundaries, and ongoing area expansion.

Facing with dangers

Your kingdom expands with time, and you will encounter numerous threats. Every night, these rapacious animals lurk somewhere, waiting to injure innocent people and then steal their goods. When I tried to move to the right side of the map to investigate other areas, I also ran into the same issue. But unpredictably, the night descended so quickly, and I ran into the army of Greed, who snatched gold coins and fought me nonstop. Thanks to the horse’s rapid movement and the archers’ cover, I was able to bring myself back. In the early days of the monarchy, the two primary troops were archers and warriors. They can go on wild game hunts, fell trees, and pay me a lot of cash. The cost of each bow or iron hammer I purchased with that money was three units. After that, I added other structures and upgraded the tower to increase the total power of the kingdom. Until you can command the troops to scout somewhere else, it is generally required to build the best defensive armor. Greed, who wears the world’s crown, can’t help but gaze upon your wealth and second crown. He will make all of your efforts ineffective as long as you make even a minor error.

New mode, new experiences

Kingdom Two Crowns’ primary mode is campaign, but it is not really original. Occasionally, if you want to try something new, select Challenge Islands mode. There are six new lands there, which correspond to six new difficulties and enigmatic components. There is one of them, Plague Island. Because of how quickly the difficulty level rises, you must make significant progress in both the army and the kingdom’s defense. The bronze, silver, and gold rank levels are the three available. You have shown that you are a true king deserving of the gold crown if you can survive these 40 days. Skull Island has comparable rank levels, however unlike Plague Island, here you attack the enemy’s portal rather than guarding it. Find them out for yourself!


Each independent game that Raw Fury provides is a vibrant work of art. Despite using 2D graphics and the traditional side-scrolling design, it has an amazing draw. This graphic’s style is striking because it conjures up a gloomy scene reminiscent of Japanese feudal society. The color scheme of this image is appealing because it evokes mystery and compels players to investigate more. Finally, to make the game appropriate for each scene, the day-night effects, fog effects, and a range of sounds are collected from the actual area. Because I’m so engrossed in it, this game occasionally makes me wonder where it will lead me in the Kingdom Two Crowns universe.

MOD APK version of Kingdom Two Crowns

MOD feature

Free shopping: Upgrade and expand your kingdom for nothing using the MOD version.

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