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Kingdom Rush Origins

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Name Kingdom Rush Origins
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Publisher Ironhide Games
Category Games
Version 5.6.14
Size 254M
Requires Android 4.2Can play offline
MOD Features Unlimited Money
About Kingdom Rush OriginsDue to its tactical gameplay and intricate level design, Kingdom Rush a...
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About Kingdom Rush Origins

Due to its tactical gameplay and intricate level design, Kingdom Rush accidentally found a lot of success when it originally launched on the game website. Players can express their ingenuity through original moves. Following the improvements, Ironhide Studio launched a quartet of Kingdom Rush games with significantly altered gameplay and visuals.


There aren’t many distinctions; Kingdom Rush Origins instructs users to defend the castle by positioning defense towers in key areas. Use gold to transform your tower into stronger, more capable units. You’ll be given four primary towers in the game: Strong attack speed and range for an archer. Three different soldier kinds are trained by the barrack to serve as the team’s defense against the enemy. The mage tower has the power to pierce opponents and cast special spells. Stone Circle deals a lot of damage, making it useful for taking out several weak foes at once. You also receive an additional 2 free skills in addition to the hero skill you are currently using. You start the game with two skills: thunder and reinforcements. You will have the ability to summon a small group of soldiers with strong weaponry to fight and repel the enemy with “reinforcements.” You can summon huge lightning waves using the “thunder” command, which will continuously harm a large number of opponents around. You must understand when to use both skills effectively because they both have a long cooldown and are free to use.


There are 15 major levels in Kingdom Rush Origins, and after you pass level15, you can take on the elite tasks to learn more about the game. Each level has three modes. Mode 1 is the default mode; it follows the storyline and little has changed. The challenge mode is Mode 2 vs.3, which is more demanding for individuals who enjoy difficulties. I absolutely appreciate that the level system prohibits “cheating” by participants. However, the defensive tower cannot be used at that level if you have not yet attained the necessary level even though you can use upgrades from your gold star. For instance, you need to complete level 4 to get Arcane Archer. Despite the fact that you possess this tower, you can’t use it until level 4. This improves the game’s balance and delays the game’s premature conclusion.


In Kingdom Rush Origins, we can purchase heroes and boosts at the store. You can spend money to purchase additional heroes, with varied stats, skills, and interactions, in addition to the five basic heroes. However, in my opinion, no hero is the strongest, and if used, the stock heroes can be helpful. Please take that into account if you want to purchase a new hero. There are a total of 6 power-ups available to you in the game. Diamonds are used to buy them. Quests allow you to gather. A diamond is handed to you at the end of each level. There is also a chance that killing powerful creatures (elite monsters) will drop diamonds. I’ll go into more detail regarding these power-ups for you below:

  • Wrath of Elynie: When used, a wave of green energy will be created that will cause tremendous damage to all foes on the map. helpful while battling a group of creatures that you cannot defeat by yourself.
  • Set up a defensive tower that will launch a fireball at an adversary that deals real damage. It can hit opponents who are flying.
  • Horn of Heroism: only affect a small region. When activated, your army deals double damage and protects all troops and structures nearby. When heroes, barracks, and soldiers in need of assistance are nearby, this combination works quite well.
  • The enemy gets teleported to a nearby location after a brief period of time using the Teleport Scroll. When powerful monsters attack your home, this is useful. Utilize it to extend your time.
  • Use the Hand of Midas to replicate all the gold and gems you’ve collected in around 15 seconds. combines really nicely with the Wrath of Elynie since you gather a ton of gold and the adversary is entirely destroyed.
  • Like a teleport scroll, but for the entire map, is the Gem of Timewrap.


Not in the wrong! Not referring to Wikipedia. There is a book in Kingdom Rush Origins called the Encyclopedia that has all the details about heroes, monsters, magic, and tactical films on the game’s home page. In later levels, taking a look and evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of each unit will be quite beneficial. Making decisions on where to put towers and what kind of house to build to fight with deadly adversaries will become more complex. The advice is all contained in this book. I hardly ever see the same process in other games, thus this is a great positive for the game.

Some tips

Even though I covered about 40% of the material in the game in my post, I still want to give some game-specific advice to help you quickly dispatch foes and fight the boss:

  • This home is my top choice because it’s close to the front line, where the enemy appears, and because Archers often have the highest damage output and consistent DPS throughout the entire game.
  • Although the mage tower shoots relatively slowly, it can break through armor, and with subsequent upgrades, the mage will be incredibly powerful. They should go in front of Barrack, but behind Archer.
  • Barrack is a line of defense. Even though there are only 3 individuals, they have excellent stamina and can withstand the elite monster’s attack till the very end. To keep the enemy at bay, I typically place this tower in the middle, adjacent to the archer and mage towers.
  • Stone Circle is helpful to destroy numerous weak creatures clustered together since it deals moderate damage with good spread damage. I suggest constructing this home adjacent to Mage or close to Barrack. Barrack and a mage spell together can do significant damage to numerous opponents.
  • Use skills as much as you can because they don’t deplete your resources. Especially in the early levels when facing powerful enemies.
  • Even when you’re dead, you can still use Hero’s Ultimate. Use this to your advantage.

MOD APK version of Kingdom Rush Origins

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: Rather of having to start from nothing, you will have some money at the beginning of the game.

How to use

Select Slot 0 to enter the game after it has begun. You’ll have plenty of gems to work with.
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Download Kingdom Rush Origins MOD & APK for Android

Ironhide’s Kingdom Rush Origins is a top-notch game. Kingdom Rush’s story is foreshadowed by it, although that does not make the game older. The grandiosity and significance of the Kingdom Rush universe have been enhanced with vivid graphics, novel interactions, novel skills, and profound tales. You must play this game if you enjoy tower defense titles.

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