Jurassic World Alive

Jurassic World Alive

Ludia Inc.

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Name Jurassic World Alive
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Package com.ludia.jw2
Publisher Ludia Inc.
Category Adventure
Version 2.15.23
Size 526M
Requires Android 5.1
MOD Features Unlimited Battery, VIP Enabled
About Jurassic World AliveThe first game to employ virtual reality technology successfully was released in2016, and it was a huge success (virtual reality). This technology, what is it? This...
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About Jurassic World Alive

The first game to employ virtual reality technology successfully was released in2016, and it was a huge success (virtual reality). This technology, what is it? This technology makes it possible for computer graphics to communicate with the outside world. Additionally, this virtual world is dynamic and can change in response to your motions and speech. You may easily realize that anything you feel like seeing in real life can be seen on your smartphone’s screen as long as you have one. With the use of this technology, Pokemon GO rose to prominence right away. The most popular mobile game worldwide is this one. We all recall the craze surrounding the pursuit of Pokemon. I’ve been out more with my buddies since Pokmon GO launched. I go out more and talk to friends and people more when I’m playing video games. This game is actually rather fascinating.

Catching dinosaurs

Many VR games will be released this year, following in the footsteps of Pokemon GO. One of them is Jurassic World Alive, which was created by NBCUniversal and Ludia, two publishers. In this game, instead of the adorable Pokemon, we’ll be catching enormous prehistoric dinosaurs. Can you believe you can still catch dinosaurs today?

Many new features

The game, in my opinion, offers something different from Pokemon GO. The game and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite are somewhat comparable. You have the option to play an archaeologist, geneticist, or plain old dinosaur hunter in Jurassic World Alive. Dinosaurs can be caught straight at your house if you don’t like to walk frequently like Pokemon GO. The player is supported by a very intriguing feature in Jurassic World Alive. As expected, dinosaurs would be more prevalent in natural areas like parks, forests, and deserts rather than in places like towns and roadways. You can either travel to a place marked by a certain dinosaur’s DNA type on the map or use an unmanned helicopter to gather DNA samples there.

Create and take care of dinosaurs

You can crossbreed dinosaur DNA to construct your own dinosaur in addition to directly capturing the available dinosaurs. There are numerous ancient dinosaurs in Jurassic World Alive, giving the player the most varied experience. Dinosaurs come in more than 100 different species. Which dinosaur do you prefer: a huge Apatosaurus, a timid Ankylosaurus, or a vicious T-rex? Don’t forget to take care of your dinosaurs if you have a sizable collection. You are in charge of the dinosaurs’ nutrition and hydration. To grow, they require the attention. Have you ever fantasized that you could raise a dinosaur from the very beginning? To a vacant lot, you can invite your pals. Everyone displays a phone, and then, BOOM. The dinosaurs are many. Additionally, the dinosaur fighting mode in Jurassic World Alive is highly appealing.


technology for virtual reality Players’ sense of reality has been enhanced with the usage of virtual reality. The game’s visuals are just as stunning and authentic as those in Jurassic World. When the dinosaurs move, you can hear their heavy rumble. To be able to determine the most accurate, we must wait till the game is formally released.

MOD APK version of Jurassic World Alive

MOD feature

  • Never-ending Battery
  • VIP Activated
  • Never-ending Battery
  • VIP Activated

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Download Jurassic World Alive MOD APK for Android

The initial trial version of Jurassic World Alive will eventually be made public. According to what I know, the game will debut in April of this year. registering early with the publisher to participate in dinosaur capture and be among the world’s first. Don’t forget to check IPHONESIDE.IO daily for the most recent information about this game.

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