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Is the drama serial ‘Dil Na Umeed To Nahi’ going to be banned? 

App Name Is the drama serial ‘Dil Na Umeed To Nahi’ going to be banned? 
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Update February 25, 2021

Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) issued a legal notice to TV One for airing the ‘Dil Na Umeed to Nahi’ drama serial. The audiences are worried if the drama serial is going to be banned or not. Let’s discuss what are the if and buts behind its censorship.

dil na umeed to nahi drama serial

The serial is censored by PEMRA for displaying immoral content. However, the audience is thinking the opposite of it. As the serial is addressing sensitive and most common social issues. Its plot is based on child abuse, child trafficking, and women’s rights violations.

dil na umeed to nahi drama serial

Moreover, the serial is also aired on the national television PTV to convey its message to Pakistan’s far-off lands adequately. It seems quite absurd that PEMRA is censoring a serial that is currently aired on national television.


The irony with ‘Dil Na Umeed To Nahi’ Drama Serial

dil na umeed to nahi

The drama serial ‘Dil Na Umeed To Nahi’ is produced by Kashf Foundation (A non-profit organization) that aims to highlight increasing child rights and women rights violations in the country. Its screenplay is written to convey a message from each scene. The drama serial has truthfully depicted what is happening across the country.

The actors Yumna Zaidi, Wahaj Ali, Yasra Rizvi, Nadia Afgan, Omair Rana, and Samiya Mumtaz, including the child actors, have lived their characters to deliver the message to the audience effectively. The drama is not about entertainment; it’s about a cause. The irony is PEMRA plans to censor such a masterpiece.


Will PEMRA Ban Drama Serial ‘Dil Na Umeed To Nahi’ ?

dil na umeed to nahi pemra press release

Recently, a serial named ‘Jalan’ was banned by PEMRA because it showcased immoral content. Although the ‘Jalan’ case is different from ‘Dil Na Umeed To Nahi,’ still PEMRA has the authority to ban it.

In the directive issued by PEMRA to TV One, it is clearly stated only to remove the scenes that violate the rules & regulations of PEMRA. However, the serial can be continued to air.

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