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Into the Dead 2


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Name Into the Dead 2
Updated On
Publisher Pikpok
Category Action
Version 1.60.0
Size 2G
Requires Android 4.4
MOD Features Unlimited Money, VIP
About Into the Dead 2You're going to learn about a zombie action-survival game from me. Yes, the zombie is just that. I was thrilled when the survival game from the renowned publisher PIKPOK...
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About Into the Dead 2

You’re going to learn about a zombie action-survival game from me. Yes, the zombie is just that. I was thrilled when the survival game from the renowned publisher PIKPOK was further developed to release the sequel Into the Dead 2 in the series. This topic is still being used for the games I’ve mentioned in earlier articles. The combination of shooting and survival in Into the Dead has left many gamers around the world in awe, making the 3D game incredibly alluring. Perhaps Into the Dead 2’s comeback will mark a significant turning point in PIKPOK’s past.

The story

A terrible virus has turned many people into zombies in the world of Into the Dead 2. The survivors are constantly being attacked and eaten by them. James is currently en route to his wife Halen, who is stranded in the area and besieged by numerous zombies. James’ car flipped over, he lost control of his truck due to a zombie collision, and he found himself surrounded by zombies. James, fortunately, is fine. He gets out of the truck and finds a photo of Halen and himself. The zombies suddenly appear from the stench of humans and charge at him. He uses the remaining gun to shoot them as he tries to stay in touch with Halen and escape the zombies by running through the ruin in search of Halen.


A FPS zombie survival game with the design of Into the Dead 2 is uncommon. The player will have to exert every effort as James in order to locate Halen and get back home before it’s too late. While traveling forward is automatic, players can direct their characters to avoid the zombies in front of them. You can use your weapons to assault the zombies if you are unable to dodge them. According to the story, players start out with a shotgun, but as they go, they can obtain stronger weaponry. Keep in mind that there is a very limited supply of ammo in the game; you can add firepower to yourself by picking up random ammo while moving, but you must still conserve. If you use it all up and run out of ammunition right away, you’ll die right when the zombies show up. The game features seven chapters, more than sixty levels, and a ton of increasingly harder difficulties. The game’s narrative is adaptable and subject to alter as the player advances.


You must focus on the task system in addition to simply avoiding the zombies if you want to earn rewards. Five zombies can be eliminated at once, all ammo can be collected along the route, or no bullets can be lost. The mission system will make playing more exciting and keep you from getting bored. Additionally, you can upgrade your tank and your weapon to increase damage, speed, and reload speed. Additionally, a companion dog can defend you from zombies and engage them in combat.


Only black and white 3D graphics are present in Part 1 of Into the Dead. With the addition of improved detail and color, Into the Dead 2 has undergone a significant improvement. The awful zombies and the depressing ambiance of the world are, however, beginning to fade in this vibrant environment. Into the Dead 2’s sound design is also expertly done, enabling the player to experience the chill of the winter while coming into contact with zombies. Run or perish.

Into the Dead 2 MOD APK version

MOD Features

Unlimited Money: Both currencies have been set to 999m, which you are free to use to upgrade goods and purchase new equipment. VIP Unlocked: You also get VIP benefits and limitless energy.

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Download Into the Dead 2 MOD APK for Android

An action-survival game for fans of shooting genres is Into the Dead 2. Prior to playing this game on my phone, I had to wait a while. Beautiful visuals, dramatic gameplay, and a lighthearted plot all come together in Into the Dead 2. Both game pace and the variety of support tools are quite great. Future updates to Into the Dead 2 will probably add more game modes. You can play Into the Dead 2 wherever you want thanks to support for Android and, most recently, iOS. The download links for Into the Dead2, including the MOD version, are provided below.

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