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Name INKredible PRO
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Package com.viettran.INKrediblePro
Publisher Writeon
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Version 2.9.2
Size 36M
Requires Android 5.0
MOD Features Pro Unlocked
Introduce about INKredibleMost jobs, such as writing letters, chatting, writing books, and writing papers, now employ convenient editing software on computers and phones, thanks to the adva...
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Introduce about INKredible

Most jobs, such as writing letters, chatting, writing books, and writing papers, now employ convenient editing software on computers and phones, thanks to the advancement of information technology. Pen and paper, one of humanity’s greatest creations thousands of years ago, became outmoded and superfluous as a result of this. WriteOn’s program, INKredible, will provide you with a fantastic experience by allowing you to compose handwriting on smartphones and tablets.

Handwriting on Android phone

You wish to write a letter to your sweetheart in the style of the 1950s one day? INKredible is the app that makes this possible. This program allows you to use your finger as well as a stylus. How do you want your handwriting to appear? Is it better to be bold or thin? Is it better to use a pen stroke or a ballpoint pen? This app can do everything. INKredible functions similarly to a notebook, with your finger acting as a pen. You may change the pen stroke, pen type, opacity, stroke weight, and more in the toolbar on the left side of the screen. The application also provides a lot of features, including the ability to change the font, weight, and opacity of the word. Aside from that, the paper is a crucial component of your job. Choose a few other types of paper if you don’t like the basic lined paper.

Simple interface, easy to understand, easy to use with anyone

Because the toolbar is hidden when you touch the screen, the full screen of your phone becomes a blank canvas for your imagination. Select the pin key if you want the toolbar to be visible at all times. Overall, there isn’t anything too difficult about using INKredible. Simply choose the components that influence your ink, then draw whatever you want on the blank sheet of paper. The app also has excellent sensitivity, is fluid when drawing, and I have had no issues using the stylus. A text editor is also included in the program. Your work can be undone, deleted, saved, and so on. Additionally, the history-saving feature allows users to save custom typefaces that they want to use again in the future. If you’re not sure how to use INKredible, tap the question mark symbol in the lower-left corner of the screen for more information.

Add effects to make your post stand out

Do you find the monotony of a handwritten letter to be too much? To make your work stand out, please add some effects and graphics. Choose to enter photos or stickers from the toolbar.

Cross-platform sharing

Once you’ve finished your creation, you may post it on the app’s social media channels. Create hand-drawn artwork and easily export PDF files. You may save your draft and continue modifying it on your PC or another device thanks to the cross-platform sharing option.

Palm rejection mode

INKredible includes a feature that aids in the protection of your work. The screen only accepts the contact of the stylus in Palm Rejection mode, preventing the palm of your hand from accidently touching the screen and making doodles.

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MOD APK version of INKredible

MOD feature

All premium features are unlocked for Pro users. It is completely free to download and use.

Download INKredible PRO MOD APK for Android

Nearly ten million people have downloaded and used INKredible, and they are quite happy with the experience this app provides. The user-friendly UI and smooth controls make you feel as if you’re using a real pen and paper. The software also includes a variety of tools to help you make your hand-drawn artwork stand out and come to life. You can now generate amazing handwritten letters for creative work or simply email them to your friends with just a smartphone.

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