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Name Idle Bank
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Package com.doublefun.moneyflow
Publisher Tapnation
Category Games
Version 1.2.8
Size 184M
Requires Android 5.1
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Introduce about Idle BankThe game mimics inactive bank management!What is special about Idle Bank?Unlike other mobile job simulation games, where you typically start from nothing ...
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Introduce about Idle Bank

The game mimics inactive bank management!

What is special about Idle Bank?

Unlike other mobile job simulation games, where you typically start from nothing and gradually construct a sizable property or get to senior management at work, this game starts you off with nothing. You are a fantastic bank manager at Idle Bank already. The bank has a sizable campus. It is located on a busy street where numerous clients and money-carrying trucks are continually entering and exiting. Your workload as a bank manager is already pretty heavy from the start. As the game’s rhythm becomes second nature to you and the bank’s size increases, your workload will increase and you’ll get more and more busy all the time. Idle mode in Idle Bank enables all other game elements to function independently for this reason. In other words, you only need to select whether to begin or end a job; from there, the workers and associated machines will carry out your instructions until they are finished. This idle technique allows you to do all the tasks even when you are very busy.

Bank Manager duties

It’s possible that the game doesn’t accurately represent every aspect of a bank manager’s job. Additionally, it depends on the managerial position you are at. Idle Bank, however, did a fantastic job with the scripting stage, demonstrating the inclusiveness of the task and emphasising in particular the managerial role of a manager. The Bank Manager will select and carry out the following:

  • creating currency
  • Consumer assistance
  • addressing employee and consumer complaints
  • Lending
  • increasing services to bring in more money for your bank
  • adding personnel
  • Increasing infrastructure spending
  • increasing the number of VIP clients
  • expanding the bank and opening new locations

The timing, duration, and volume of your work will be up to you. For instance, while deciding whether to print more money, you should take inflation into account as well as the flow of money into and out of the bank. Or, through interest rates and regular principal payments from borrowers and lenders, loans can become profitable relatively rapidly. But there are always hazards involved when lending money; do you have enough back-up preparations for the worst-case scenario? Alternatively, if you want to increase the size of the bank by spending more in infrastructure or adding more branches, you will need to have a backup plan in case the new branch does not function as intended. You must perform a computation to determine how long it will take you to break even and begin making profits from this investment. Are there any potential threats that could impair the system’s overall functionality? …

Manager’s vision

In the course of managing a business, several questions come up. In Idle Bank, there is just one way to succeed: you must approach the situation with extreme pragmatism. Effective Business is the goal of everything. The first real lesson for any manager, not just those in the financial sector, is that all emotional judgments have a cost. When playing Idle Bank, Vision is the aspect that requires extra attention. Vision emerges when one can see far into the future and when one is able to plan ahead and make all decisions in the most equitable, full, and rational manner. My own personal rule is to only think about a decision in alone, free from outside influences or distractions. After doing one task, move on to the next. Making the best choice can only be done in such manner.

MOD APK version of Idle Bank

MOD feature

Unrestricted funds


Even if you have no money, you can still spend.

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Download Idle Bank APK & MOD for Android

Even though the game’s subject matter is a little dull, it is rather relaxing and unhurried. Bright colors and a lot of excitement make the straightforward 2D designs easy to observe. Play Idle Bank right immediately if you want to experience managing a bank!

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