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Package com.fantablade.icey
Publisher X.d. Network
Category Games
Version 1.1.1
Size 31M
Requires Android 4.1
MOD Features Unlimited Money
StorylineA robot with the name of ICEY awakens in a silent, gloomy environment. This is where she starts to struggle. She was th...
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A robot with the name of ICEY awakens in a silent, gloomy environment. This is where she starts to struggle. She was the only person who could end the threat of the approaching apocalypse. The origin of Icey the robot and the tales of this world are unknown. You must learn such things through the bloody wars of ICEY. Just be aware that a mystery voice is commanding you to do something. Sometimes you will question yourself “Why? Why can’t I discover the reality? And where is this? What does the robot Icey serve?”


In ICEY, the combat is incredibly tough. The game’s protagonist will be under your control as she moves quickly in all directions while fending against gigantic giants that are a hybrid of human and machine. To vanquish the adversary and advance, heed the directions from the hidden voice. But are these guidelines always accurate? You will need to do your own research to find out for sure. Who can you rely on and have faith in? Knowing is challenging. Even novices may rapidly learn these intriguing combinations because the game’s battle is controlled by straightforward swipes and clicks. Swinging your sword fast in the air will allow you to slash the adversary. When you successfully execute a lightning attack, you will feel incredibly satisfied, and the blue afterimage that appears as your sword swings will give you a lovely aura over the destroyed environment.

Find out the truth

Characters from stories are crucial while exploring occurrences. But this persona isn’t only there to make the game easier to play. For instance, if you carry on moving in the other direction from where the storytelling guy instructed you, he will be taken aback and may even show signs of anger. He might share a personal experience with you if you go somewhere alone. The game’s secrets are also highly peculiar; on occasion, he may directly inform you that you are the player and not ICEY. Don’t forget to look outside the primary narrative. All throughout the game, there will be hidden levels, and discovering them is a lot of fun. The game’s bosses can be found in the quest of destiny. The final boss with knowledge of Icey and the robot is Judas. After you overcame bosses like Gorger, Jack, Ideon, Dahal, Thor, Puck, and Carlos, he showed up.


ICEY only employs 2D visuals and features side-scrolling action, yet the game’s visual design is extremely detailed. The character’s motions are quite fluid. You can play this game for hours on end without getting bored if you just have that. You can choose from a wide variety of locations in the game. There are currently maps for Lost Woods, Crossroads, Marionette Theater, Sewer, Ultimopolis, Metro Entrance, Metro Transfer, Clock Tower, and Room of Fate. Your screen resolution has an impact on the game’s image, motion, and dependability. You should utilize a high-end phone and disable background apps, as suggested by the publisher, for a more seamless experience.
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There are many things I could say about ICEY, but I won’t express them all in this essay. Stories about humans and machines are told in conjunction with each level, and these stories often have a compassionate undertone. Let’s follow ICEY as she immediately completes her mission for the time being. You only need to keep in mind one thing: have faith in your ability to discover the truth.

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