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Name iCallScreen
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Package com.hqinfosystem.callscreen
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Version 2.6.1
Size 9M
Requires Android 6.0
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Introduce about iCallScreenConvert an Android phone's call screen to that of an iPhone.You might find the old-school call screen tedious. You'd like to try something a little more unusual. ...
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Introduce about iCallScreen

Convert an Android phone’s call screen to that of an iPhone.
You might find the old-school call screen tedious. You’d like to try something a little more unusual. For instance, consider the iPhone’s call screen. It’ll be fascinating to see what happens.
It’s called iCallScreen, and it’s an app that can help you do this seemingly impossible task.

What does iCallScreen do for you?

iCallScreen transforms your device’s Call Screen into a call screen, similar to those seen on iPhones: iPhone X, XI, XII, XIII or OS14 or OS15, iOS 14 or iOS 15. Not only is the design comparable, but so are the style and function. The Contact list, most recent list, and iPhone’s characteristic T9 dialer-style keypad are also included in the app.

Personalize Mobile Call Screen

You can use the program to turn your mobile Dialer/Dialpad into an iPhone-style call screen, complete with all of the necessary functionality. Answer calls, change the Call Screen wallpaper, change the ringtone, block or unblock certain phone numbers, and change the sim choices by sliding on the screen.
Simply download iCallScreen and enjoy the complete Dial Screen or Call Screen interface on your Android device.
You can also add calls, see contacts, set call reminders, send messages when you can’t receive calls, make conference calls, switch calls, and leave conference calls using the app. The caller’s identity or phone number can also be retrieved via the app.
You’ll feel like you’re using actual iOS 14 or iOS 15 from the first time you use it.

Outstanding features of iPhone’s call screen

You may use iCallScreen to customize your Diall Screen and ringtones for each contact, as well as configure iOS 14 and iOS 15 ringtones. This program also aids in the blocking of unsolicited or spam phone calls.
The Dial feature, in particular, provides a number of useful features, including:

  • Contacts can be quickly found or managed.
  • See a list of recent calls.
  • In Favorites, you can add or remove contacts.
  • One of the iPhone’s distinguishing features is the T9 dialer-style Keypad.
  • To respond, a slide button

Display and settings

iCallScreen can also help you with things like changing your wallpaper, ringtone, blocking and unblocking contacts, rejecting incoming and outgoing calls, and personalizing your dialing with your favorite colors… You don’t even need to look at your phone or dial screen to see who’s calling. There will be a flash when someone calls. You may even customize the flash options.
The call detail page appears when the call is completed, allowing you to redial, send messages, block, or note the calls.
You can utilize two sims simultaneously with iCallScreen. You may set up the SIM and select a sim card before making a call, as well as configure the default sim, thanks to this. When it becomes dark, the app features a Dark Mode option, similar to what you’d find on an iPhone, that helps you save battery life.

You can also try other applications like TextNow, Adobe Lightroom, and Photoshop Camera.

MOD APK version of iCallScreen

MOD feature

Premium Unlocked

Download iCallScreen APK & MOD for Android

iCallScreen is a small app with a small file size of only 7.8 MB, but it has a lot of power when it comes to customizing and simulating the iPhone Call Screen. You’ll find it highly convenient and useful whether you’re making calls, receiving calls, or doing Dial Screen-related chores.

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