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Name Hunt Royale
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Package com.hunt.royale
Publisher Boombit Games
Category Action
Version 1.5.0
Size 155M
Requires Android 5.1
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Introduce about Hunt RoyaleGaming fans are falling in love with BoomBit Games thanks to titles like Ramp Car Jumping, Driving School Simulator, and Tiny Gladiators. ...
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Introduce about Hunt Royale

Gaming fans are falling in love with BoomBit Games thanks to titles like Ramp Car Jumping, Driving School Simulator, and Tiny Gladiators. Hunt Royale, a new PVE action game, was only recently published.

The hunts are full of danger

There are several hazards and terrifying beasts in the realm you are about to discover. And with the unique weaponry the system offers, you, the hunter, will go after them. You have teammates standing by your side as you navigate these risks. There are four playable game modes in Hunt Royale: classic mode, co-op, boss hunt, and bounty hunter. Teammates compete against one another on the rankings due to the PVE nature of the hunting game. The goal will alter depending on the game style. The game will terminate and you’ll advance to the next level each time one of your party members accomplishes the specified task. Naturally, you can change your character’s appearance after the game to fit the combat you’re about to enter.


As previously noted, Hunt Royale includes four separate game types with unique targets. You will enter the battle to hunt monsters for a set period of time in the classic mode. When the final survivor is located or the conflict is done, whichever comes first. The winner will then be decided by the final score. Killing monsters also earns points, just like the most popular scoring methods (experience, of course). The more points a monster earns, the stronger it is. However, you should only fight monsters that you have the power to defeat with your strength. You have no chance of winning if your character is slain. The Co-op mode comes next, when you and another player team up to battle a wave of monsters to defend the king. There are fewer players, yet the difficulty level will increase because monster populations do not tend to decline. The boss hunting mode (Boss Hunt) comes in third “where four-person teams will battle and kill boss enemies to finish the hunt. Boss leaders frequently have exceptional fighting skills and are quite strong. Instead of going one-on-one, you should team up with other players and try to move quickly to dodge attacks. The bounty hunting mode (Bounty Hunter) is the last option “where nine other players will fight with you. Given that it adheres to the well-known battle royale genre’s rules, this might be the most competitive mode. Please demonstrate your combat prowess to make it to the end!


With up to 30 characters, Hunt Royale includes a varied character system. Every character in the game has unique attributes and unique special powers. By pressing on the character, you may view the specifics of these statistics. Characters can grow in power. While it costs a significant amount of cash, this process also increases his damage, health, range, and defense. Naturally, as the character levels up, these stats will likewise grow automatically. At levels6,8, and10, characters will finally acquire new combat abilities. However, when additional combat abilities become accessible, he will face more difficult difficulties.

MOD APK version of Hunt Royale

MOD feature

Infinite Money: Receive unlimited amounts of gems from the season’s reward.

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Download Hunt Royale MOD APK for Android

Hunt Royale is a superior option if you’re looking for something to do in your free time to kill boredom. Additionally, we offer the MOD APK version of the game, which has tons of money so you may customize your character and purchase the greatest tools. Avoid missing out on this enjoyable game by downloading and installing it in accordance with our instructions.

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