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Hungry Shark World

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Name Hungry Shark World
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Package com.ubisoft.hungrysharkworld
Publisher Ubisoft Entertainment
Category Action
Version 4.7.0
Size 134M
Requires Android 5.0
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Introducing Hungry Shark WorldAnother thrilling summer is quickly approaching. After a year of exhausting labor, this is the time of year when people travel and enjoy outdoor activities. Pos...
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Introducing Hungry Shark World

Another thrilling summer is quickly approaching. After a year of exhausting labor, this is the time of year when people travel and enjoy outdoor activities. Possess you a strategy? If not, try exploring the expansive blue beaches, coral reefs, and vibrant fish with IPHONESIDE. But hold on! Because you will enter the realm of Hungry Shark World as a hungry shark, this trip will be really unique.

Eat everything

The gamer was familiar with the Hungry Shark video game franchise. You will change into a shark in this game, and your only goal will be to stay alive. Your shark is constantly peckish. Therefore, you must command the shark to consume whatever it can. You get the strangest feeling when you play Hungry Shark World. You can chew and swallow anything with a large mouth and keen teeth. The shark becomes crazier when it smells blood. He develops and wants to eat more as he consumes food. In this game, you will “consume” a total of more than 100 different creatures. Small fish, large fish, vessels, or even unlucky tourists, can be among them. You only need to use one finger to control the sharks’ swimming in this straightforward game. Sharks can attack anyone sunbathing on the beach in this game, especially when it strikes the water’s surface. Avoid going overboard since eventually your shark will run out of oxygen and perish if you don’t descend into the water (of course). Sharks are not yet in charge of the deep water, though. There are numerous additional creatures that terrify sharks, including larger sharks, jellyfish that wish to sting you, laser sharks, and other deadly fish. You will perish instantly if you unintentionally strike them.

Seven ferocious shark species

The next iteration of the immensely popular game Hungry Shark Evolution is called Hungry Shark World. Like the last game, you have the ability to grow bigger and scarier. Your shark can consume larger prey as you get bigger. Additionally, you can level up to become terrifying animals or even a monster from the distant past. In Hungry Shark World, you can unlock seven distinct shark species in addition to just one. The “Great White” is the shark that is most uncommon. Every player who plays this game will have this as their objective. The game’s sharks are fierce but also adorable. Some of them carried odd-looking rocket launchers. They might be able to hypnotize, explode, run quickly, and more.

Beautiful beaches in the world

You can go and explore numerous stunning beaches around the globe in Hungry Shark World, including those around the South China Sea, Arctic Ocean, Arabian Sea, and Pacific Ocean. The beaches provide you a realistic experience by appearing to be real. For instance, the Arctic Ocean has fishing boats and icebergs. Everything will seem completely unbelievable because to the 3D graphics platform that brings everything to life. One of this game’s greatest strengths is its graphics, which are uncommon to find in other games.

MOD APK version of Hungry Shark World

MOD feature

Unrestricted funds

Why can’t I see the money even though I have downloaded the MOD version?

Utilizing them will result in more money (Instead of decreasing).

You can also try other applications like Grimvalor, Shadow of Death, and Anger of stick 5: zombie.

Download Hungry Shark World MOD APK for Android

This game certainly features a lot of amusing scenarios. Along with having to battle laser sharks, you can arm yourself with a variety of power items that are both stylish and incredibly intriguing. A fun game to play after a long day at work is Hungry Shark World. Anywhere and at any moment you can play. To join the destroyer on an oceanic voyage, download this game right away!

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