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Hungry Dragon

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Name Hungry Dragon
Updated On
Package com.ubisoft.hungrydragon
Publisher Ubisoft Entertainment
Category Casual
Version 4
Size 134M
Requires Android 4.4Can play offline
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Introduce about Hungry DragonHave you ever played a game like Hungry Shark or Big Fish Swallow? I think these games are fascinating, enjoyable, and ideal for anyone who enjoy playing casual ...
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Introduce about Hungry Dragon

Have you ever played a game like Hungry Shark or Big Fish Swallow? I think these games are fascinating, enjoyable, and ideal for anyone who enjoy playing casual games. And the exciting news that Hungry Dragon, the “air” version of this incredibly alluring game, has been officially revived by publisher Ubisoft Entertainment. It is true that you will no longer need to dive beneath the sea in order to fly.

Hungry Dragon’s gameplay

If you play the game Hungry Dragon, the adorable dragon Nibbler will become your friend. Nibbler is a unique dragon, though. He was constantly ravenous and yearned to consume everything. If tiny animals or large birds dare to fly into his eye, he can devour them all. If it were conceivable, Nibbler might be able to ingest the entire sun. Naturally, in Hungry Dragon you must aid Nibbler in devouring as many creatures as you can in order to survive. Nibbler’s strength will wane whenever he isn’t eating, which could result in hunger. To determine how long your dragon survives and how much food it needs to survive, keep an eye on the blue blood bar in the upper right corner of the screen. The longer the dragon lives, the larger it gets and the more vigor it gains. You must be cautious, though, as there may be harmful germs in the air. These animals frequently have weird, unsettling appearances. If you do not feed your dragon properly, it will not only not produce more blood but also lose blood and possibly even pass away. In addition, the fact that dragons in Hungry Dragon can spew fire is incredibly heathen. Not only will eating your prey raise your blood pressure, but it will also contribute to boosting your strength. When your power is at its peak, you can choose whether to use your fire skills or quicken your movement.

Flying is not limited

The gameplay of Hungry Dragon is limitless. You can eat whatever you want and fly as you choose. When the dragon perishes, the game is over. Consume more food to rack up more points and break game best scores. Remember to gather gold coins in every game. They are needed to open up the game’s other dragons. Your dragon will grow faster the more you consume. The dragon is bigger, more attractive, and more powerful. Burn everything in your path as you unleash the dragon’s power. In particular, you have conquered new lands with each step, from the cave to the fairy village,…

Ten species of dragons

You can play this game to unlock up to ten different kinds of dragons, each with a distinctive style and full color. Additionally, you can purchase costumes that improve, animate, and amplify the dragon. However, I don’t think it matters if you see a big or weak dragon. The key element in Hungry Dragon is the player’s flying prowess. You do not need to worry too much about the operation thanks to the game’s simple controls, but you will need to practice for a while to become an expert.

Beautiful design like a dream

I’m impressed by Hungry Dragon’s gorgeous graphics. The surrounding landscape was created in 3D and is incredibly realistic and lovely. More clouds are felt as you fly further. You may specifically recognize Jack’s leg from the well-known fairy tale. This game’s world is like something from a fairy tale. The drag effect is also incredibly versatile and smooth. In the first game, the cute and entertaining dragons will undoubtedly defeat you.

MOD APK version of Hungry Dragon

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: When you first start this game, you have a lot of money.
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Download Hungry Dragon MOD APK for Android

All of Ubisoft’s games are excellent. The same may be said with Hungry Dragon. Download this entertaining action game using the links below to enjoy it.

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