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Name House Flipper
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Package com.imaginalis.HouseFlipperMobile
Publisher Playway Sa
Category Games
Version 1.15
Size 228M
Requires Android 4.4
MOD Features Unlimited Flipcoins
Introduce about House FlipperDo you enjoy interior design? Do you aspire to a career in interior design? Your dreams can come true if you play the game ...
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Introduce about House Flipper

Do you enjoy interior design? Do you aspire to a career in interior design? Your dreams can come true if you play the game House Flipper. While giving you access to apartments, furnishings, and decorating, this simulation game encourages innovation. From there, you can plan and design stunning, spotless, and opulent spaces.


Your objective in House Flipper is to purchase residences that have suffered damage or deterioration. You’ll start by remodeling and redesigning the interior before reselling them for a profit. Repaint the walls if the hue is too soiled and outdated. floor tiling, equipment installation, furniture placement, cleanup of soiled or broken goods, and demolition of unwanted spaces. On a PC, I played House Flipper. On Steam, it is one of the most popular and best-selling games. You can play this game anywhere and at any time thanks to PlayWay SA’s creation of an Android version. Everyone is welcome to play this game. By completing tasks, you can learn the game. When a wall is destroyed or the house has mold, the system will instruct you on what to do. There is a list of tools to help you with tasks on the right side of the screen. These include sweepers, mops, rollers, plastering trowels, and tile trowels (used for pricing and selling items). Because the tools mentioned above are common items in the actual world, it’s possible that you utilize them as well. To open doors or move objects, you can also use your hands.

Play more, unlock more content

Leveling up will allow you to access new material. You can choose from a wide selection of brand-new flats in both the city and the suburbs. Each apartment is constructed with distinctive architecture and other characteristics. But this causes some issues. In order to fill every available area in an apartment with a complex architectural layout, many pieces of furniture and decorations must be installed. View the store’s useable and unlocked items. For your convenience, they have been separated into related categories, such as drapes, bathroom accessories, cutlery, dcor, carpets, etc. Second, there will be more work and items that need to be repaired and replaced. Moving around the house is necessary for working, yet there are instances when using tools is necessary. The next piece of content I want to mention is likewise this one. You can accomplish more with the aid of new instruments like hammers, drills, and gloves, such as drilling holes in the wall so you may hang curtains or a picture.

Interior design in your own style

The focus of House Flipper is creativity. As a result, the game won’t make you put an item in a particular location. You can arrange a table and chairs in the center of the house, paint it in a variety of eye-catching patterns, or decorate the kitchen with bonsai pots. It’s all up to you to decide. Of course, the design and comfort they offer will affect the selling price of a home. After designing your property, you will instantly understand its worth. Stop trying to sell your home and keep renovating it if you believe the price is not worth the work. Don’t forget to look at the lovely house designs created by other gamers; perhaps they might inspire you with some novel ideas. Additionally, you can download House Designer, a pretty outstanding interior design game, to your Android phone.

MOD APK version of House Flipper

MOD feature

Numerous Flipcoins

How to get Flipcoins when using the MOD version?

  • Start the game.
  • At the very top of the screen, tap the Cash icon.
  • Choose Exchange.
  • You can exchange Flipcoins for money and get a lot of Flipcoins in return.

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Download House Flipper MOD APK for Android

If you enjoy interior design and home decoration, you should download the Android game House Flipper. The way the visuals handle motion, meanwhile, prevents House Flipper from receiving an absolute grade. If you’ve played this game before, you might have observed that the broom doesn’t actually touch the wall when you sweep up dirt or paint. However, amazingly, the paint is still placed correctly, and the stains are completely gone.

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