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App Name HotShots
Publisher Kenrin Limited
Genre Apps
Size 43.0MB
Latest Version 1.1.1
MOD Info
  • Subscription Unlocked
  • All Videos/Events /Gallery Unlocked
  • Bypassed root detection, emulator detection
  • No ads

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Update September 7, 2021

HotShots Features
Get Tons of Exclusive Content: There is a huge variety of different content that is all-exclusive from across the globe. All of this includes original movies and broadcasts, popular and amazing videos, and a lot of different documentaries.
Unmatched Streaming Services: Get top quality videos and movies or films that cannot be compared or matched, when it comes to visual presentation. On top of that, you can use the application on multiple devices, and still get the same amazing quality.

Get Live Shows Brought to You: In addition to these things, there is a great live community that works together in broadcasting and sharing all of their content. The best part, anyone is able to show off their own personalities and talents from all across the world. These would include areas like USA, UK, India, and many more as well. Anyone and everyone has an equal chance in becoming famous online. You can unleash all types of content including singing, travel, dance, gaming and whatever else comes to your mind.
Additional Features of HotShot Live:
Safe, Clean, and Friendly Community Content: HotShsot Live ensures safe and clean content from all users to enjoy everything without feeling uncomfortable or offended. To this extent, there are tons of live employers monitoring 24 hours in a day, uninterrupted. So, you can always expect to have clean and safe videos all around,

Live Stream and Interaction Through Chatting: Not only can you watch different Live Streams from many different people, but you’ll also be able to chat and interact. You can communicate with other users of the application from all around the world.
Send and Receive Gifts: You can also get many different interesting and surprising gift from other users. Who knows, maybe you’ll receive an unsuspecting gift from someone.

Support Yourself with this Platform: Since HotShot Live is a great way for people to become famous online. The use of the app has helped many different people support themselves and their families. Everyone has the comfortability to showcase their content and support their lives using the platform.

Become Famous: As previously mentioned, users will be able to become famous with the quality of their own content. Feel confident and have equal ground in comparison to everyone else.
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