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Name Horrorfield
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Package com.skytecgames.survival
Publisher Skytec Games, Inc.
Category Games
Version 1.4.6
Size 124M
Requires Android 4.4
MOD Features Hack Map
About HorrorfieldPeople who enjoy horror games all over the world have been impatiently awaiting its release since it first appeared, despite the fact that it was merely a test version. Have...
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About Horrorfield

People who enjoy horror games all over the world have been impatiently awaiting its release since it first appeared, despite the fact that it was merely a test version. Have you ever considered playing a scary video game with others online? Just head down to the review; there is no need to imagine.

Death plot

An expedition is described in Horrorfield’s tale as it investigates a mystery old settlement. It appears eerie and mysterious at first. Nothing lives here. They were unaware that this settlement was home to a terrifying killer who was just waiting for the unfortunate guests to come to him. He is who? A killer or a lunatic? What will occur? Can they endure? The solution is unique to you.

Kill or be killed

This game only features one special mode. A group of five other players will be allocated to you in the online game Horrorfield. After then, you can join in one of the two roles of killer or survivor. One of four characters will be chosen to play the role of the explorer. Each character possesses the knowledge and a professional specialty necessary for a certain position in each game. Stacey, for instance, is a physician. Control her to gather drugs on the map for healing and saving the other team members. Additionally, you can select from up to 7 distinct characters in the game. Any character you choose must perform well in their role and work effectively with other players if they hope to live. The Horrorfield map is a standalone document. You must locate the necessary tools or weapons scattered across the town in order to survive. If you make it through every level of this game, you will win. If not, you must accept death. You might get some startle when playing this game, in my opinion. I enjoy the rest of the position, though. You will lose all fear like a madman. The other players must be found and eliminated, just like the zombies in first-person shooter video games. They cannot assault you while you are insane. Find everyone and murder them with the saw you are holding. When you approach the position of other players, use your expertise. You can locate their footsteps since they’ll leave them. But the game is also not that straightforward. When other players totally lose their lives, you must murder repeatedly. If you do not take quick action, the other players will save the person you have just discovered, and you will have to play chase once more for the remainder of the game. Naturally, you will get lost. Being the hunter is preferable to being the hunted. Additionally, there are seven characters and numerous outfits in Maniacs. Each character has a distinctive hunting style, which gives gamers the most enjoyment.

Scary design

Naturally, Horrorfield has a color that is associated with terror because it is a horror game. The settlement lies amid an old wilderness, and the dim lights indicate that death is imminent. It’s as though you’re in a scary movie. The game depicts every detail as accurately as possible. Additionally, the bleeding effect is frightful but nevertheless exciting for players.

MOD version of Horrorfield

MOD Feature

Hack Map: When fighting, you can click the Red Eye and Green Eye icons to see where the zombies and other players are located.
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Download Horrorfield MOD APK for Android

Since the game is just in beta testing, few languages, mainly English, are supported. Additionally, Horrorfield only allows players older than 18 years old due of the terror component. Overall, I think this is one of the scariest video games I’ve ever played. You have no excuse to skip this game if you enjoy playing horror games. I’m confident that Horrorfield will rank among my favorite games of the year in 2018.

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