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Name Homescapes
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Package com.playrix.homescapes
Publisher Playrix
Category Casual
Version 5.3.3
Size 143M
Requires Android 4.4
MOD Features Unlimited Stars
Introducing HomescapesAustin's smiling visage may be seen on the Homescapes and Gardens...
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Introducing Homescapes

Austin’s smiling visage may be seen on the Homescapes and Gardenscapes icons, respectively, if you’ve ever looked at the top list of Play Store charts. In recent years, these games have drawn millions of players from all over the world. Why? The game Homescapes is easy to play but has a creative design, just like Township and Gardenscapes. I think Playrix Games has carefully considered popular game genres, such as puzzle games like Candy Crush and simulation games like The Sims. resulting in the creation of a game that mixes these two genres and incorporates a narrative. In other words, Homescapes has created in a way that other games have not, and it always has players wondering what will happen next.

Interesting plot, bringing us back to childhood

The most vivid dreams occasionally include going back to our younger years. Austin is also. Austin is a butler who has lived in numerous residences, but his happiest life was spent in the one when he shared a home with his parents. After spending so many years away, Austin chose to go back to his boyhood home since it brought back a lot of happy memories for him. Austin was shocked to see the interior of the house significantly damaged after a protracted time of inactivity following a lengthy journey. He recalls that his parents had left the house and that everything are becoming outdated: the carpet had been neglected for a long time, the room was dusty from inactivity, the chair had tears in it, and the stairs were broken. To prepare the house for his parents’ return, Mr. Austin had the idea to make repairs.

New match-3 play style

You will take on the role of Austin’s buddy and assist Austin in completing the match-3 puzzles in order to earn gold coins for Austin to use to purchase the required equipment. To win the game, all you have to do is arrange identical things in a vertical or horizontal row, depending on the requirements laid forth in each stage. Cross-screening requirements frequently include gathering or removing particular tiles, removing tiles from inside the jelly, breaking biscuits, and more. After completing each stage, Austin will have enough money to fix anything in his childhood house. Special boosts that demolish numerous nearby items are produced when four consecutive cells are joined, five consecutive cells are connected, or six cells make a straight angle. There are more than 400 missions in the game, each with a different challenge level. You can help Austin replace broken items in his home using the money you earn from playing the game, as well as by helping him buy new furniture like fish tanks, chairs, and doorbells. And to You’ll get a bonus at the end of the day or after finishing a quest to assist Austin pay for the household necessities. Keep in mind that in the game Homescapes, money is crucial.

Not just a puzzle game

In addition to this intriguing puzzle system, Homescapes offers an incredibly expansive landscape for you to explore. Austin can be seen surprising parents with fun new stuff for the family and interacting with exciting new people who each have quirks of their own. Additionally, the game’s “Homespace” chat system, which is modeled after Facebook, lets you see what Austin and the other characters are up to. Of course, he also has a personal Instagram account!

Clever design

Homescape is a 3D engine-based game with adorable, animated graphics. All players can enjoy the game, but girls and those with lots of free time should particularly like it. In general, Homescapes is a simple and enjoyable game to play. Get this game to assist Austin’s maid in constructing the mansion of his youth.

MOD APK version of Homescapes

MOD Feature

Unlimited Stars: The MOD version will give you an unlimited number of stars. Keep in mind that stars won’t be limitless when you first use them, but they won’t get smaller either. You can also try other applications like Hard Time (Prison Sim), Wilderless, and Haunted Dorm.

Download Homescapes MOD APK for Android

Homescapes, a wonderful blend of puzzle play, house construction, and the art of storytelling that has delighted millions of players, has therefore many intriguing points. Now is the perfect moment to begin discovering Austin’s slightly strange world, if you haven’t already.

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