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Name Homecraft
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Category Casual
Version 1.50.1
Size 143M
Requires Android 5.0
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Introduce about HomecraftThe location you call home is more than just a place to rest your head.About Interior decoration, a sparkling workInterior design is one of the most inspi...
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Introduce about Homecraft

The location you call home is more than just a place to rest your head.

About Interior decoration, a sparkling work

Interior design is one of the most inspiring careers there is. It calls for instinct and logic, accountability and fervor, creativity and ethics. All facets of home decor have their own contests, reality shows, and newspaper sections. And instead of reading the news or watching TV, you can play a game about house interior decoration if you want to learn more about this intriguing but challenging profession. The characteristics and criteria of the position, as well as the actions to do, will be crystal plain to you. You’ll make wise decisions and set everything up logically. Who knows, you might find that you adore it and want to learn more and pursue this degree. What game should you play then, to gain all the fundamental information and get off to the best possible start? I’ll say Homecraft.

What’s in Homecraft?

This is neither a combat or finely tuned tactical role-playing game. Simply put, it provides you with a vibrant and hands-on experience of interior design careers. You’ll run your own interior design business. You will come across unique, high-quality, and aesthetically-inclined clients. Listen to them as they discuss their goals, interests, and ideal house. You must make every effort to satisfy the client’s design requirements. While decorating your home, keep in mind your particular ideals and style. Use your creativity, resourcefulness, and intuition to satisfy the client’s needs and design the ideal living place. That is all the mission is. The issue is that your clients are both extremely wealthy and meticulous. They earn a lot of money and want to make the best possible use of it. Like the two lowest levels of Maslow Tower, their home is more than just a place to sleep at night or a haven for protection. But it must evolve into a symbol of luxury and prosperity appropriate to what they possess. A lifestyle must be created and molded in the home. Sometimes that way of living is quite peculiar, unlike everyone else. For instance, one client wishes to transform their garden cottage into a building integrated within a tropical forest complex. Or perhaps a lovely woman wants to recreate her childhood memories by turning the area around her swimming pool into a tiny pond. These demands seem incredibly challenging, don’t they? I’m at a loss on what to do. Have you noticed how exhilarating and exciting the game is? This “war of the intellect” is not for people who shudder at challenges or obstacles. To be able to create acceptable furniture, you must have a clear understanding of what you intend to do, what value you possess, and how you wish to convey that value. You must therefore allow your creativity and sense of style soar on the most fundamental decorating ideas that anybody can understand.

Gameplay and intangible value

In essence, Homecraft is still a match-3 game despite its opulent appearance and the peculiar demands of the consumers you encounter. You must consistently overcome match-3 difficulties ranging in difficulty from easy to severe in order to uncover the dream-like or fashionable interior goods you’re seeking for. You will get hundreds of entirely unique decorations if you can master these vibrant mini-games. This will serve as your foundation while you freely change the area. Modern, stylish, on-trend designs and attractive hues are a constant theme throughout both Homecraft’s interior and exterior designs. They blend very perfectly with any personality or background. You can already learn a lot about technical terms and the most recent trends in normal interior design just by glancing at these goods. You can see the worth of the game from that alone, right? But just 30% of the fun comes from gathering things. The placement and tying together of everything in the house is the most fascinating phase for an interior decorator. This is the moment to give the house a lavish appearance that expresses the owner’s individuality and way of life. To your satisfaction, touch and position them. You can still edit any item while you’re doing that (of course, it costs more diamonds). The item that was not chosen will still be available when the next decorating is ready. The game’s automation functionality is also very obvious. For instance, if you estimate a little and fit a hefty shelf into the space, it usually fits perfectly. This strikes me as a high AI feature. It is superior to the majority of home design games I have ever played, and it is also what makes this straightforward interior design game exciting for other gamers.

What is Gems used for?

You will acquire many diamonds each time you finish a task and obtain positive feedback and client satisfaction. Additionally, your reputation grows (shown by the heart-shaped icon). If you have these two goods available at the same time, many clients will soon visit you. The money keeps making more money, and the studio’s profits keep rising. You will eventually be able to own a single house, then a number of them, a street or perhaps a whole city. You are free to perform whatever you want, juggle passionately, and are no longer concerned about client complaints.

MOD APK version of Homecraft

MOD feature

You will have 999999999 Gems in the game and unlimited money.
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Download Homecraft APK & MOD for Android

The 3D game is stunning. The scenery in 45 locations is stunning. The demands from the clients are unusual and difficult. However, since there are more than a thousand objects to embellish every genre and style, they might increase your passion.

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