Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery

Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery

Tilting Point

Overview Information

Name Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery
Updated On
Package com.whaleapp.hiddenhotel
Publisher Tilting Point
Category Adventure
Version 1.1.78
Size 120M
Requires Android 5.0 and up
MOD Features Unlimited Money/Stars/Brushes/Energy/Tickets
Introduce about Hidden Hotel: Miami MysteryFind missing items, rebuild the hotel, and uncover the mystery of t...
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Introduce about Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery

Find missing items, rebuild the hotel, and uncover the mystery of the 7-year absence.

The story

Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery begins with a small scene featuring an article about a huge hotel owner who has been missing for seven years. The prominent hotel has now been passed down to a grandson. You are that fortunate young guy. Actually, I’m not sure whether that’s what you’d call luck. The location you visit no longer seems to be a hotel. It’s all just a huge old, unkempt, untidy edifice that wasn’t designed for people.

An ancient butler called Oliver came in the middle of the chaos. Following the welcome, the butler proceeded to discuss the hotel’s troubles. At the same time, he reminds you of the work that has to be done to refurbish this hotel.

You almost do whatever Oliver wants because what you truly want right now is to get the hotel back up and running and figure out what happened to your grandpa.

What genre is this game? How to play?

You could call Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery an adventure game, a hidden object game, or a simulation, and you wouldn’t be incorrect. Because the game incorporates elements of each genre, it creates a fascinating experience that is both thrilling and soothing for players.

Following Oliver’s directions, you will locate missing pieces to restore and then position them in the building’s location. Then you receive requests to perform this and that in various rooms and regions across this massive structure, including the surrounding campus. The game, in example, enables you to personally choose the renovated goods for each area of the hotel, transforming it from a run-down establishment into a luxurious resort.

Every time you perform a good job in the game, you will get an Innovation Star. The more stars you have, the more wonderful items you can collect. Furthermore, while seeking for items, don’t forget to collect gold coins to purchase furniture and pay for repairs afterwards. The more tasks you complete, the more experience points you will get. This point will provide you certain unique skills, such as the ability to move quicker.

Once you’ve collected all of the stars, you may begin constructing and upgrading the hotel. At the same time, Oliver continued moaning about wanting to locate this and that. Just do everything. Who doesn’t want that money?

During the hotel’s makeover, you will have alternatives for every thing, no matter how tiny or huge. Choose the best item for your hotel based on your budget and aesthetic sense. If you don’t like an item, you may pay a fee to have it replaced with something else. Just lose money, not anything else.

“The stick and the carrot” keep coming to you

After a time, you can see that the character’s hunt for the item is the key to everything, the most plentiful and reliable source of money. But it’s not simple to locate items in Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery.

You know, a hotel is huge, the objects are little, and they’re in the most unexpected area, amongst a slew of other messes. As a result, the game has provided you with highly important assistance tools such as Booster clocks that extend time, Lanterns that shine on concealed things, and the ability to skip through to the next assignment.

Graphics and sound

Sharp, detailed 2D graphics with vivid colours. The game’s concentration is on little and huge stuff all around the place, therefore the visual is done extremely effectively. Each room and space is constructed individually, with its own traits and style that may provide you with a lot of inspiration while you work on repairing the hotel.

The music is classical and mellow, and the gameplay is unhurried and pleasant. But keep in mind that each assignment has a timeframe. The majority of the sound and colour effects are not overpowering, but it is the precision and meticulousness in the picture that will lure you into the world of Hidden Hotel at any moment.

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