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Introduce about HibernatorHibernator is a program that allows you to "hibernate" your ...
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Introduce about Hibernator

Hibernator is a program that allows you to “hibernate” your device: To save battery, shut everything when the screen turns off.

When should the phone “hibernate”?

Many programs on your phone run in the background, consuming system resources and depleting your battery and diminishing the amount of memory available. So, in order to save battery life and optimize phone speed, you may need to close apps every time the screen is turned off. Hibernator will make it simple for you.

What specifically does Hibernator help improve?

Many of you have the tendency of opening multiple tabs on your laptops, and this practice is also carried out on mobile phones and tablets. If you have too many apps and websites open on your phone at the same time, whether you’re using them or not, they’re still open on the device. As a result, it uses up system resources, takes up a certain amount of memory, and drains the battery faster. The battery drain isn’t specified, but accessing lots of these apps makes the smartphone sluggish, which over time will degrade the available RAM and cause operational stagnation. Hibernator’s goal is to improve phone performance and reduce excessive battery drain by shutting programs automatically or intentionally whenever the screen is turned off. As a result, the device’s five aspects will improve:

  • Phone booster: allows you to speed up your phone when it is slow due to a large number of background apps.
  • To help the device run more smoothly and efficiently, stop tasks and processes, clean RAM, and handle garbage along the way.
  • Keeping the battery charged.
  • Allow the phone to cool down. Closing apps will help to reduce CPU consumption and lower phone temperature.
  • Make room for new apps: Hibernator makes extra room for the programs you need to download later by freeing up RAM by shutting down apps.

What mechanism does Hibernator work on?

Hibernator will undertake the following processes at the same time to fulfill the above five key goals:

  • All open applications should be closed.
  • Close activities and services in the background When the screen is turned off, the application should shut automatically.
  • Apps for users and apps for the system are both supported.
  • Widgets
  • Shortcuts

Hibernator can even be used as an Accessibility app in rare instances. This is a fantastic automated solution for individuals with physical limitations or muscular tiredness who have trouble interacting with screens, especially when doing complex repetitive actions like shutting many independent programs one by one.


Hibernator is a very automated system. It will shut down any programs that are currently open. As a result, time, effort, and tedious manual closure actions are saved. Although there are a lot of procedures and a lot of automatic processing, Hibernator still gives consumers the opportunity to pick. To close other programs, Hibernator requires access to the accessibility service, or you can opt to retrieve active window content to locate the force close button in the system settings, then imitate the click action. You can also ask for permission to change system settings so that the screen can be turned off once the hibernation process is finished. Furthermore, by monitoring the transition between windows during interface interaction simulation, users can notice behaviors connected to the interface to lead the process of automating the application closure operation.

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MOD APK version of Hibernator

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Download Hibernator APK & MOD for Android

When every phone action is too tough for people with disabilities, Hibernator comes in handy. Because of its excellent RAM cleaning and battery-saving features, this program can be used by everyone.

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