Hex Commander: Fantasy Heroes

Hex Commander: Fantasy Heroes

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Name Hex Commander: Fantasy Heroes
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Version 5.1.2
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Requires Android 4.4
MOD Features Unlimited Money, No Ads
Introduce about Hex Commander: Fantasy HeroesThe most alluring hexagonal strategy game there isBackgroundTurn-based strategy game Hex Commander: Fantasy Heroes centers on a confli...
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Introduce about Hex Commander: Fantasy Heroes

The most alluring hexagonal strategy game there is


Turn-based strategy game Hex Commander: Fantasy Heroes centers on a conflict involving humans, orcs, elves, goblins, dwarves, fairies, and an unknown dark force. Fighting colors and even magic are constantly present in the wars that take place. No matter what game style you choose to play, your goal is to defend your nation while slaying a global conspiracy with the help of allies.

Classic hexagon strategy gameplay, but there is something new

Hex Commander: Fantasy Heroes firstly evokes strong feelings of nostalgia. You can find something unusual in this game, even though the classic gameplay with the battlefield area divided into numerous hexagons is too familiar to you if you’ve played through first-generation strategy games. It now sports a fresh coat of paint and the most cutting-edge mobile technology have been used to create complex, clear graphics, photos, and sounds. Your units must be sent into battle continuously in turn. You will command a strong army in the single-player game, entrusted with defending the nation against numerous youkais. The following summarizes the plot of this mode: The realm of humans is going to be invaded by a goblin army. You have been given the responsibility of locating and eliminating these pesky demons as commander in chief. But when you uncover a thousand times larger conspiracy through this hazy conflict, everything becomes murky. That is the plot of a villain who wants to use the struggle between the various races in the globe to gain control of them. You will join several factions to battle in the PvP mode. Each side possesses unique advantages and capacities for offense and defense. The decision of which faction to join is up to each individual since there isn’t much of a difference between the two when comparing their relative strengths. The game features stunning graphics and engaging gameplay. There are constant, spectacular, and fierce battles. You can use the land to demonstrate your tactics whether you play alone or with a team. It’s worthwhile to try. Even those who are not big fans of the tactical genre should give it a shot. Anybody who has completed these hexagonal strategy games can attest to that. You can do a lot of things because of the military units’ complex design. You can deploy troops from the rear into fights, encircle the opposition, overwhelm the opposing commander, find a means of escaping, and protect. From there, it presents numerous variations of the same conflict. Additionally, every rhythm, progression, and event taking place in the game is improved in quality, realistic, and oddly alluring thanks to the new graphics. The previous generation attempted to do that, but they were unsuccessful.

And not only fight with weapons and tactics but also magic

Your current location is a tiny magical kingdom. Even though you are a force of regular people, you are so strong because you will always be backed by a number of other strong forces, such as magic and unexplainable powers. If you use these resources at the correct time, place, and in the proper method, you will significantly boost your chances of winning. To make your army successful, simply mix the following factors in a logical manner. Utilize each hero’s special abilities + fully utilize each unit’s strength + place each unit in the best possible area + make use of the terrain + surrounding overlays + Cast spells when it is proper to do so. If you successfully complete this combo, you will always hold the advantage.

Tactics are classic but heroes and units are extremely diverse

You’ll receive special units with their own strengths in the game, including infantry, cavalry, magicians, archers, elves, battle soldiers, and dwarves. There are a total of 4 main campaigns in the game. Each campaign will feature a unique setting, fighting style, and layout, making for an engaging experience:

  • In the human campaign, you take on the role of Percival Kent, a seasoned Paladin who has been tasked by the emperor to look into a goblin army that has unlawfully invaded the region.
  • Arcaena, the head of the Goblin Archers, will be a new character in the Goblin campaign. You will encounter this incredibly strong and cunning Elf magician as you search for a Sylvius to control nature’s forces.
  • You can combat by controlling enormous dragons in the Orcs and Goblins campaign. The devoted assistance of an elf companion named Vulpis, who has the power to deceive adversaries and unleash devastating strikes, is also present. This time, you’ll have to track down the cause of an extraordinary flood that wreaked havoc throughout the realm. And a vicious orc warrior, a brand-new foe, will appear.
  • You will visit the land of the dwarves during the final campaign. You will encounter strong, unidentified opponents here. To beat them, you’ll need huge assemble all three heroes as well as a ton of magic. The outcome of this conflict will determine the future of the entire realm.

You can have a castle customized for each campaign. During the crucial battle, the army uses this castle as both a shelter and a stronghold. Don’t forget to upgrade your heroes and forces as you put the strategy into action so that they can be an effective fighting force for you. Additionally, you can enlist fresh specialist units. Never forget to seize the chance when it presents itself.

PvP Mode

You can play PvP in one of three game modes: classic battle, drapeau capture, or royale (Classic Battle, Pirate, and Royale). Each style has its own unique beauty. Slowly explore!

MOD APK version of Hex Commander: Fantasy Heroes

MOD features

  • Unrestricted funds
  • No Ads
  • Unrestricted funds
  • No Ads
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    Download Hex Commander: Fantasy Heroes APK & MOD for Android

    It is a really appealing hexagonal strategy game with an excessive number of missions and multiplayer options. You will witness a lot of lovely imagery, as well as fluid and vibrant visuals, in this game. The storyline is epic-quality. The time spent playing is definitely worthwhile.

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