Heroes of the Dark™: RPG Game

Heroes of the Dark™: RPG Game

Gameloft Se

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Name Heroes of the Dark™: RPG Game
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Package com.gameloft.android.ANMP.dark.heroes.strategy.games
Publisher Gameloft Se
Category Role Playing
Version 1.5.0
Size 98M
Requires Android 5.0 and up
MOD Features RPG
Introduce about Heroes of the DarkBeautiful and fascinating turn-based combat RPG with excellent combat and upgrades!...
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Introduce about Heroes of the Dark

Beautiful and fascinating turn-based combat RPG with excellent combat and upgrades!

You know, the turn-based combat RPG genre isn’t all that unusual. However, creating a strategy-turn-based RPG game that is both entertaining, easy but highly tactical, gorgeous and appealing in colour is quite tough. It is easy to get engrossed on one part while ignoring the other. However, there are exceptions; a few rare games in this genre may meet all of the aforementioned requirements, providing gamers with a complete and pleasurable experience. Heroes of the Dark is one of those uncommon ones.


Heroes of the Dark’s rich, interesting, and incredibly logical tale will undoubtedly persuade any committed gamer.

Everything takes place in a fictitious dark realm. As we know it, there is no longer a distinction between “good folks” and “bad ones.” Humans, vampires, superheroes, werewolves, witches, and so on… Everyone is now banding together to combat a bigger foe that threatens the very survival of the cosmos.

When the moon shattered, debris rained down on the whole planet. Vampires frightened and fled to Tenebris, where they established their dark fortress. Werewolves became stronger, more unpredictable, and possibly lethal. With its superior technology, humanity has long wanted to dethrone the other two species and win independence. Vampires are now hiding in Tenebris, yet they continue to pose a danger to Werewolves. Because of the thousand-year rivalry, these three races have never truly gotten along or tolerated each other. Werewolves, Vampires, and Humans will combat evil united for Earth dominance.

Now, the three are compelled to work together to combat a larger threat, as a strange weapon with the potential to destroy everything rises and is in risk of getting into the hands of the wrong people. If this is proven to be true, all planets will be annihilated. The most horrific and bizarre battle starts, with three unrelated and detested species on one side and a new opponent that emerges with devastating devastation on the other.

After that, all three races revert to their normal selves. They have their battle, in which they struggle for global dominance, putting a stop to decades of competition.


Heroes of the Dark is an unique turn-based combat RPG that effectively overcomes the majority of its predecessors’ flaws.

To combat the terrible powers from beyond the earth, you must assemble a peculiar army of enormous might. To do this, you must constantly enhance each warrior’s strength by providing them the chance to battle in order to grow more and more flawless. Simultaneously, optimise the team, combine common combinations, look for weapons and equipment, and gain additional triumphs in the next fights.

Heroes of the Dark features real-time tactics once again, as you may opt to join up with your teammates to win quicker. This combination results in ferocious conflicts in the game’s fictitious dark realm.

Regardless of which of the three species you pick, each has its own natural traits, narrative, and entirely distinct reasons after this battle, which is true to the nature that we have learned about them. Werewolves are constantly looking for methods to use violence to solve problems, and they are fighting to select a new leader when the Moon is destroyed. Humans desire to discover the most advanced technology in order to construct their own independent planet. And, although vampires fight together, they are extremely careful, have very high self-esteem, and constantly want to do things that are advantageous to themselves.

Not only can you battle, but you may also make a range of other political manoeuvres, such as claiming authority over occupied territory, capturing magical Crystals, controlling the Heart of Tenebris, and becoming the game’s winner.

Build a base

Heroes of the Dark also contains a mansion system. This is a secure zone where you may acquire and enhance heroes without worry of being attacked by foes. However, in order to establish a safe base, you must first construct, expand, and defend.

The game begins with a Gothic house as the backdrop. This is also a hidden facility where soldiers are recruited, trained, and weapons, equipment, and riches are stored.

There are numerous dark magics waiting to be unlocked in the Gothic house if you have attained a certain level of power.

After that, if you’ve accumulated enough wins, you’ll be able to expand the house and recruit additional heroes from the factions.

The house must also be safeguarded. You must develop this system as fast as possible to dodge the enemy’s sights and strike.

A dark world full of mystery

Heroes of the Dark depicts a vivid Victorian setting. There are numerous fascinating places with mysteries that have been hidden for ages. The dismal mood that clings to the player throughout the conflict adds to the drama of the game.

The character design is also quite good. It’s not the little type you’re accustomed to seeing in mobile games. Everything is explained in full here. Werewolves are bulky and heavy with movement, whereas Humans are kind, flexible, and have many various identities. Even when the characters are in fight, they seem bright and vivid; you can see each move each individual launches and how they move on the battlefield. “Monumental!” is anyone’s initial thought while playing Heroes of the Dark.

Game mode

Heroes of the Dark also offers both PVP and PVE modes, so you may play alone or online 5v5 with others, allowing you to demonstrate your strategic abilities.

You must acquire strong friends for yourself in the fast-paced 5v5 game style. But keep in mind that allies are not always on your side. When the war is not yet done, you may encounter treachery. Be cautious and watchful.

You may conduct all-out Alliance Wars, beat a slew of tough opponents in 5v5 battles, and become the world’s legend as you establish powerful alliances with other players.

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Heroes of the Dark is a fantastic turn-based strategic role-playing game. It has a complex tale, many intriguing enigmatic aspects, tremendously appealing visuals of three different species, rapid gameplay, a plethora of activities, and highly tactical components. Extremely effective!


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