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Hero Wars

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Name Hero Wars
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Package com.nexters.herowars
Publisher Nexters Global Ltd
Category Games
Version 1.135.403
Size 100M
Requires Android 5.0
MOD Features Unlimited Mana, No Skill CD
Introducing Hero WarsAs you may already be aware, Throne Rush is a highly well-liked game on Facebook and mobile platforms. I used to really enjoy playing this strategy game, and in order to...
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Introducing Hero Wars

As you may already be aware, Throne Rush is a highly well-liked game on Facebook and mobile platforms. I used to really enjoy playing this strategy game, and in order to increase my army, I made a lot of fake Facebook accounts. Hero Wars is another game that has a lot of players on Facebook. Additionally, the game gets a lot of good reviews and is adored by people all around the world. Please read the following information about Hero Wars and the MOD version of this game if you are unfamiliar with it.


Hero Wars is set in a world where evil forces are encroaching on the Dominion and attempting to wipe out humanity. People who are prepared to fight and save humanity’s peace from the grasp of the demons from the Evil Lands exist in the age of heroes. One of those heroes who will fight to defend the globe is you, by the way.


Hero Wars is a pretty straightforward gameplay. All you have to do is assemble a formidable group and engage in bloody combat. Automatically approaching the foe and engaging in combat. You can activate a character’s skills when the Mana bar is full. It’s easy, right? To succeed, you must employ realistic strategies. The secret to beating the large boss is knowing when to unleash the characters’ skills. Create your squad by combining 5 heroes. Each character has unique strengths and flaws, and no hero is perfect. Some heroes can shield the entire squad, while others have enormous stamina and damage. You have access to a wide range of tactic options thanks to the squad selection and organization. In addition, when playing challenging stages, you must also upgrade your hero.

Build your squad

A squad in Hero Wars can have a maximum of 5 players. At first, you have the system’s default hero. The character system in Hero Wars is still fairly robust. However, you must gather through summoning if you want greater heroes. A hero is already a member of your squad if you call for one. The materials you gather throughout battle have a variety of impacts, so use them wisely and don’t waste anything. You can use it to call heroes to the Dominion.

Upgrade your heroes

The hero upgrade feature is essential to an RPG. You must increase the strength of the heroes as the dungeon gets harder so that you can get through it more quickly. However, it would be quite monotonous to simply upgrade as usual in order to grow power. The hero has more mature appearance after being improved. When you reach the necessary level, the character you upgrade will have new hairdo, physique, attire, and weaponry.

Fight epic bosses

Hero Wars offers other game modes that you can play to unlock resources and bonuses in addition to the standard story mode. You can take on strong enemies in the boss battle mode and gather tons of resources to enhance your heroes. Although the conflicts are challenging, the rewards are highly alluring.


In terms of Hero Wars’ graphics, the chibi design is highly distinctive. You might believe that the heroes need to be cool and made with cutting-edge software like Unity or Unreal Engine. However, it only has 2D visuals. But many players have been drawn to Nexters Global because of its adorable style. If you don’t trust us, try it out for yourself to see for yourself how the developer gives the player something special.

MOD version of Hero Wars

MOD feature

Unrestricted Mana


When you attack foes, mana regenerates.


Similar to how you would with typical APK files, you may download and set up both the original and MOD versions of Hero Wars.
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Download Hero Wars APK & MOD for Android

Hero Wars is a wonderfully captivating role-playing game that you shouldn’t pass up. The information about the game and its MOD version is provided above. Don’t wait, download the game right away, and help Dominion defend civilization!

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