Hellrider 3

Hellrider 3

Andrei Chernyshov

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Name Hellrider 3
Updated On
Package com.makabaka.hellrider3
Publisher Andrei Chernyshov
Category Arcade
Version 1.32
Size 105M
Requires Android 5.1
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Introduce about Hellrider 3Have you ever considered participating in a crazy race where you could cheat your opponents or perhaps completely wipe them out? A game like that is called ...
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Introduce about Hellrider 3

Have you ever considered participating in a crazy race where you could cheat your opponents or perhaps completely wipe them out? A game like that is called Hellrider 3. The championship trophy is up ahead, but in order to reach there, you must conquer several obstacles and compete against the toughest opponents. Will you be able to complete your quest and ascend to the pinnacles of glory? Play the game right away by downloading it!


The main character is taken hostage by the underground group at the start of Hellrider 3. He is pursued by a teenage hero who later saves him. But from this point on, two young men were involved in a frantic pursuit. You will need to flee or pursue them in order to defeat them. Can you eliminate the mafia gangs and address these issues? You will receive a motorcycle and a pistol as part of the game, which makes that possible. Even though they are relatively dated and traditional, these are the current top weapons. When a challenge starts, you’ll be driving and pursuing foes. Only when you, or all of the forces of the other subterranean organization, are victorious does this trip come to an end. To avoid obstacles, you must steer left and right as the automobile moves automatically. Tap on the two sides of the screen in the appropriate places to conduct the necessary actions. You can assist the motorcycle hop up to get around a log blocking the road or something similar if you do both at once. There will be more adversaries as the game’s tempo is accelerated. They keep throwing things in your path, or they come at you with bombs or weapons. You must stay away from them all. The character only has a finite amount of HP; if he runs out, he will exhaust himself and lose.

Don’t miss out on support items

One particularly awful item is the blank-gun that the game hands you. Why then do we have a gun? of course, to fire at foes. Yet how? Please gather the stray bullets from the road. The adversary will then be immediately targeted by the character, and they will be eliminated from the course. The game also includes a variety of other objects. Bomb is my favorite element in it. Even if you have to shoot by hand, its destructive strength can simultaneously take down a lot of foes. Additionally, a first aid kit will aid in your health recovery. The equipment for the game, however, is positioned close to the curb. To get them, you’ll have to engage in some very risky drifting. If you’re unlucky, a curb or an obstruction may strike you. The character will experience HP loss as a result.

Change to new clothes

Your character’s attire appears to be out of date. When you go to the store, you can purchase him a fresh clothes. There are numerous special skins in the Store that let Hellrider change their gender or even look. Numerous more names include Hellrider Pro, Mini King, Retro, Billy Morto, Vicky, Duck, and Jay. Nearly anything costs 5000 Coins. You can substitute another Deadhead for the classic one you’re using. The garage has a variety of stylish and contemporary motorcycle designs. My favorites are Golder, Shark, and Revenger. However, there are dozens of alternative models from which to choose. Some are offered for sale for Coins, while others are more unique and require actual cash. Hellrider 3 also includes a wide variety of weapons. They are typically short and rather light handguns. Because you can use them while driving, it creates convenience. Similar in design are the Dandy, Duelist, Silver, Pistol, Sting, and other weapons, however most of them deal more damage than the standard weapon.


The graphics of Hellrider 3 are rather basic. Most of the time, the margins of the characters’ and the background’s drawings remain visible, reminding us of the pixel game Minecraft. But this layout produces a distinctive room, not a dull one. Maybe this graphic background will appeal to you.

MOD APK version of Hellrider 3

MOD feature

  • Unlimited resources: Always grow
  • Unlimited resources: Always grow

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Donwload Hellrider 3 MOD APK for Android

The video game Hellrider 3 combines action and racing aspects. While pursuing opponents and attempting to remove them from the track, you will encounter exciting circumstances. And do you have the resources to take on a dangerous underground mafia gang? Show your daring right away by downloading Hellrider 3!

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