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Introduce about Head BasketballBig-head basketball game, 1 on 1!The game for you who like big-head sports games without too much stressSince I don't enjoy sports all that much, wh...
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Introduce about Head Basketball

Big-head basketball game, 1 on 1!

The game for you who like big-head sports games without too much stress

Since I don’t enjoy sports all that much, when I play, I merely pick a simple and enjoyable sport. However, there are too many strategy games out there that are excessively demanding and feature 3D simulations of actual people. I’ll be honest—I’m really sick of it. If you share the same opinion and like the same things, allow me to introduce you to a simple and enjoyable basketball-themed game today. A game called Head Basketball combines 1v1 basketball gameplay with the entertaining large head type graphics that you are accustomed to. Each level in Head Basketball is quick and easy, and basketball is played 1v1 style. Therefore, if you take games in the same genre into account, Head Basketball is currently among the top basketball games that young people enjoy the most.


43 basketball avatars, 7 game styles are available in Head Basketball.

  • Arcade
  • Campaign
  • Tournament
  • a head cup
  • Survival
  • League
  • Death

Depending on your interests, you can play whatever game mode you like. However, everything will be the same regardless of the game option you choose, with the exception of the rounds. As I mentioned at the outset, Head Basketball is a combination of sports and role-playing “fights” depending on the abilities of a basketball player. Thus, just like in many other role-playing games, you can select a character from one of the following nations: England, France, the United States, or Korea. Each of the charming characters has a distinct appearance. You will only see the head in the game, making up 90% of the image, and the feet or shoes making up the final 10%. This amusing shape is what makes the game so entertaining. Even before the game has begun, there are instances when it makes you giggle. The two levels of each character’s ability are called Power shot and Ability shot. includes Sudden Death, Dash, and Counter Attack. You will employ various skills depending on the circumstance and the opposition. Players can display all of their skills because the game includes several levels. For instance, when you are in Arabia, you can use the special skill to release a snake that binds your opponent’s body and causes them to stop moving for a little period of time, allowing you to toss the ball freely into the basket. Alternatively, if you select the Korean character, you can travel around with an electric shield that will cause any opponents who touch it to become paralyzed and numb, giving you the opportunity to score a basket. Each character will have a part in the interface, which will be split into two sections for the game. Whoever passes the ball into their opponent’s basket first will win. The quantity of points you receive is determined by your shooting prowess and technique. Find strategies to head the ball into your opponent’s basket according to the game’s straightforward rules. During the allotted time for each scene, the player with the most points wins. When you have a lot of points accumulated, you may buy outfits and equipment for your character, all of which have an impact on strength in the game. Through numerous rounds, the map also changes, as do your character’s skills and those of your adversaries. The main draw is that as you advance in level, both you and your opponent gain stronger. The left half of the control buttons is for Left-Right movement, while the right part is for Swing and Jump buttons. The control buttons will be located below the screen. A health bar and a cooldown bar will be visible at the top of the screen for each character. When the character’s health bar is empty, they become shocked and must remain still for a while in order to keep playing. You cannot use the following skill if the cooldown meter is not fully filled. You will encounter some difficulty in the game, but overall, the matches are still really frantic and quick.

Graphics and sound

I think the way Head Basketball plays is excellent. But the game’s visuals are also a standout. Its thrill accounts for 30–40% of Head Basketball’s attractiveness. Aside from the movement that gives players a very humorous and relaxed feeling, the characters with enormous heads are incredibly cute and adorable. Like other sports games, the sound is quite alluring. There is nothing to criticize in this segment, particularly the sound from the character’s Powershots, which is accompanied by lighting effects and colors. Try Basketball Stars if you enjoy playing basketball games.

MOD APK version of Head Basketball

MOD feature

Unrestricted funds
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Try Head Basketball if you haven’t yet found a sport that is action-packed, quick, captivating, and exciting. Everything you need is in this game.

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