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Name Hay Day
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Package com.supercell.hayday
Publisher Supercell
Category Farming
Version 1.54.71
Size 47M
Requires Android 4.1
MOD Features Unlimited Money/Seeds
About Hay DayAfter five years of development, Hay Day was finally released in 2012 with an official announcement. It now supportsiOS and Android, making it ...
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About Hay Day

After five years of development, Hay Day was finally released in 2012 with an official announcement. It now supportsiOS and Android, making it simple for players to download and play one of the most popular farm games available right now.

Fun gameplay

Hay Day is a farm game, so naturally you will become a genuine farmer and perform all of the tasks a farmer would normally do to make money. You will start Hay Day as the proprietor of a tiny farm with a few homes, ranches, and unimproved fields. Take advantage of some of the seeds that Hay Day offers to get your farming career started. Plant seeds and then mist water on them till they grow. At that time, you can harvest farm products, sell it in the shop for a high price, and use the proceeds to purchase more expensive plants and goods. On the farm, you can earn experience points by harvesting plants. The more experience you gain, the more objects, plants, and other fascinating features you’ll be able to access. There are infinite varieties of plant seeds, and the pets you select will show up on your farm. Hay Days is a unique area dedicated to the plant life cycle. Some plants will wither if they are harvested three times later. You won’t be able to do anything but wait for your neighbors to spray water and leave a “Help” table. If it is “saved,” you will be able to harvest your plants three more times before they fully wither and you have to disassemble them in order to grow new ones.

Not only plants

Pets are another unique element, in addition to plants, that contributes to the high number of players in Hay Day. You may take care of a variety of pets, and they all have adorable patterns that are typical of farm games, such cow, chicken, goat, pig, etc. In particular, Hay Day also includes two pets: dogs and cats. Both of these animals may provide you with a wealth of knowledge and fascinating objects. You need to buy two pets a home and provide them with regular food in order to raise them.

Trade traders

When you reach level17, a port is also available to you. Here, you can send goods all around the world with your ship. To rebuild the harbor, you’ll need to spend up to 16000 coins and take more than a day. For the ship to bring you fresh shipments, you must wait 4 hours. Use five diamonds to send right away if necessary. You can start fishing as soon as you open the harbor. A house beside a lake, a desk for making bait, a bait box, a boat, a fisherman, and a sizable lake are all present here. To capture the fish, adhere to Hay Day’s instructions.

Other features

During Hay Day, you can hit the car sitting in front of your farm to spin your lucky wheel every day. Make sure to regularly check the mailbox for an envelope containing a gift card. Additionally, seeing the advertisement can earn you some diamonds. Roadise Shop is yours after you reach level 7. This will be a little booth where you can sell things you own. Any player visiting your farm from anywhere in the world can view it and purchase it if they want to. Join the group, meet people, and communicate with other members of the Hay Day community online. On Hay Day, everyone will be stealing agricultural products or assisting neighbors with crop maintenance.

Fun graphics

A 3D agricultural simulation aesthetic pervades Hay Day. The development of the dwellings, plants, and animals in the game is charming, making it bright and eye-catching and providing players with a sense of light pleasure. In addition, Hay Day’s background music is deep and mellow, making it a perfect fit for the game. Hay Day will satisfy and make you happy if you enjoy agricultural simulation games.

MOD APK version of Hay Day

MOD features

  • Unrestricted funds
  • Numerous Seeds
  • Unrestricted funds
  • Numerous Seeds


The MOD version has become antiquated and might not function. You can also try other applications like Sniper 3D, DEAD TRIGGER, and One Piece Bounty Rush.

Download Hay Day MOD APK for Android

A farm game with a record-breaking 20 million players worldwide is called Hay Day. Hay Day has more players than any other farm game in the globe. You may download Hay Day to play the lovely farm game from the links below. The game supports both Android and iOS platforms.

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