Hawk: Freedom Squadron

Hawk: Freedom Squadron

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Name Hawk: Freedom Squadron
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Package com.my.hawk.air.shooter
Publisher My.com B.v.
Category Arcade
Version 38.1.28249
Size 423M
Requires Android 4.4
MOD Features No
Introduce about Hawk: Freedom SquadronIf you've been playing the game for a while, Chicken Invaders is probably nothing new to you. Together with Contra, Mario, and Tank, this game made our ...
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Introduce about Hawk: Freedom Squadron

If you’ve been playing the game for a while, Chicken Invaders is probably nothing new to you. Together with Contra, Mario, and Tank, this game made our childhoods lovely and complete. Today, IPHONESIDE will bring to you Hawk: Freedom Squadron, a game that is somewhat reminiscent of Chicken Invaders from your youth.


Hawk: The shooting game Freedom Squadron centers on the tale of Verdia, a stunning nation that has been seized by an alien Autocrat hijack force. You and your team will undertake the role of a royal hero and engage in ferocious space battles with the objective of driving away the opposition.


As previously said, Hawk: Freedom Squadron plays similarly to the venerable Chicken Invaders game. You use your fingers to move a plane that can shoot bullets at an adversary in order to avoid an attack. Instead of dodging the cosmic chickens’ eggs, you will have to contend with a hail of bullets from the most cutting-edge weapons this time. Your reflexes and creativity are needed to win the game. Avoid the attack and hurt the adversary. You succeed when there is no adversary visible on the screen. In addition, improvements for your aircraft will drop out when you kill foes in each stage. The best supplies for your aircraft include special capabilities like boosting gun damage, extending the bullet’s arch to hit more adversaries, and protecting the aircraft. Pay attention to your shooting, but don’t forget to take up space to collect stuff; this could be the key to assisting you in completing the level.


In order to save their Verdia country, players in Hawk: Freedom Squadron must overcome 190 unique tasks. As you go, the level of difficulty will progressively rise. As the levels progress, they will become harder and harder, challenging players to think logically and advance. The plot will also gradually become available based on your success. Those who pay attention to this aspect of the game will be pleased with Hawk: Freedom Squadron’s tale. You must defeat the Boss of that location in order to go past a particular stage of the game’s difficulty. After eliminating his goons, BOSS will show up. They frequently take the shape of a massive flying fortress with all the latest armaments and exceptional endurance. To defeat them, maintain focus and patience. Following that, you can reap a variety of benefits. Additionally, Hawk: Freedom Squadron offers assistance to players in the incredibly intriguing mode of teaming up with other heroes. Players can establish teams with friends and engage in combat while working together on the same screen. Additionally, users from all over the world can team up with random gamers using this team matching tool.

Upgrade your aircraft

In order to avoid being wiped out by invaders, you must upgrade yourself as the game’s complexity increases. Many aircraft features can be upgraded by players to improve their ability to engage in combat. The fundamental variables—damage, endurance, and power—are crucial. Additionally, Hawk: Freedom Squadron features a wide variety of aircraft types. When you have the means, give yourself access to a spacecraft with higher capabilities and the strength to overcome any obstacle. Your force has two more tiny aircraft to aid you in battle in addition to the main aircraft. They have the effect of firing more damage, and some special abilities—like defending or firing additional bullets—depend on each type. These little aircraft can also be improved. Even if they aren’t as powerful as the main aircraft, investing in them will be quite profitable!


Hawk: The 3D graphics engine of Freedom Squadron is really good. Bombs are made to have a favorable effect. Each stage’s background is unique, not overly confined, and varies in the animation. Additionally, images are also invested in the airplane. The number of aircraft in an impressive formation, guaranteeing to keep no player down.

MOD APK version of Hawk: Freedom Squadron

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With a general rating of 4.1/5 and more than 5 million downloads on Google Play, Hawk: Freedom Squadron has found a place in players’ hearts as a moderately successful improved version of Chicken Invaders. Are you prepared to fight in the air conflict and save Verdia? Move along!

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