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Name Haunted Dorm
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Package com.haunteddorm.mihuan
Publisher Mihuan
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Version 1.0.6
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Requires Android 7.0
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Introduce about Haunted DormHorror tower defense game with multiplayer: War against Ghosts in the horror dormBackgroundIn the horror game ...
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Introduce about Haunted Dorm

Horror tower defense game with multiplayer: War against Ghosts in the horror dorm


In the horror game Haunted Dorm, you play as the adversary and use tactics to defeat them. You and every other participant in this multiplayer online game will be in the same building where a ghost is preparing to attack. Everyone is aware of this, so they make every effort to protect the money and collect it through any and all available methods (playing minigames, for instance) in order to continuously develop strong defense systems that both ward off the ghost and have a chance of winning it.


You can find endless remarks like this when looking for information on Haunted Dorm’s gameplay:

  • The game is excellent, frantic, heartbreaking, but also humorous.
  • After playing for a time, I observed that everyone was as perplexed as I was about where the ghosts were coming from.
  • Nice and original idea! I can keep playing it and I never grow tired of it.
  • Amazing game for a little screen!

Each player’s job in Haunted Dorm is to construct a tiny tower, a secure system to make the ghost hard to locate, and a reach to catch you. You make more money by sleeping more. With the help of this money, internal and exterior systems will be improved and more systems will be built in order to more effectively block ghosts. You can find a way to win your own war by upgrading the doors and boosting the tower’s ability to counterattack the ghost. You just have a tiny empty space with dreary, dark colors when you first begin playing. Any stranger who appears out of nowhere, not just a ghost, will make you uneasy. You most definitely feel vulnerable and in danger in that situation. So you set out on your mission to gather money so you can construct defensive utilities for the room. Play minigames extremely hard and choose construction options that are within your means. Depending on your calculations, you may decide to invest a lot of time, money, and effort on large projects, but once they are completed, they are certain to keep the ghost out. Alternately, you could choose the maximization of spending technique. Every currency obtained from minigames will be used to construct tiny furniture groups and minute tools to erect layers of barriers for the ghost. You may choose either option. You can gradually increase your advantage if you just successfully block the ghost while using the money you earned from playing mini-games. Everything gradually starts to light up from the dim and dismal hallways, and the day when you can stop and even kill the ghosts draws closer and closer. The simplicity of the gameplay and the mild style of Haunted Dorm make for an incredibly eerie storyline and sense of being pursued. The intimidating empty drum first causes the players’ hearts to race with fear. The suspense is further increased by the possibility that the ghost could materialize at any minute, seize your throat, and scream in terror. You may occasionally discover that you are afraid to breathe deeply. Because the ghost might materialize right away if you only forget for a brief moment. Your primary goal is to survive, roughly. You must remain alive for as long as you can, no matter the cost or the method. You succeed if the ghost is killed by you. Also the opposite. In the dark Haunted Dorm setting, there are only two extremely distinct endings. When playing this horror game, you will have the chance to reveal various hidden talents while standing on the precipice of life and death.

Impressive with unique minimalist graphics and strange gloomy feeling 

I have nothing to say about the extremely straightforward 2D graphics used here. However, that intrigues players. Haunted Dorm appears to be the family’s black sheep amid a forest of beautiful 3D role-playing games and a variety of entertaining, vibrant, and bright defense strategy games. The distinct first impression, though, is just enough to entice people to attempt the game. The basic but appealing tower-defense gameplay combined with effectively exploited horror and dramatic components is at the heart of the game’s success. It will, in my opinion, make it impossible for any player to quit once they’ve started. In order to provide fresh experiences and prevent players from becoming disheartened when evading ghosts, Haunted Dorm is committed to utilizing various viewpoints. With the aid of these various viewing angles, even the least experienced or expert player will be able to pass those incredible levels. You can also try other applications like Warplane Inc, Archero, and Wilderless.

Download Haunted Dorm APK for Android

A tower defense game worth playing on a mobile device is Haunted Dorm. Haunted Dorm is the game for you if you’re looking for a fresh take on the horror genre, want to demonstrate your tower-defense prowess, and want to play something entirely different from what’s already available.  

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