Hard Time (Prison Sim)

Hard Time (Prison Sim)


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Name Hard Time (Prison Sim)
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Package air.HardTime
Publisher Mdickie
Category Adventure
Version 1.45
Size 24M
Requires Android
MOD Features VIP Unlocked
Introduce about Hard Time (Prison Sim)Hard Time (Jail Sim), created by MDickie, offers players a ...
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Introduce about Hard Time (Prison Sim)

Hard Time (Jail Sim), created by MDickie, offers players a realistic prison simulation system together with a wrestling and fighting system that is even more powerful than in earlier games. Do not wait any longer to join this game, which also guarantees to provide players with infinite amusement. Additionally, you can play the Mdickie’s sim game School Days MOD APK.


The ability to create a character and attempt to survive in a harsh jail environment will be given to players. Be cautious since sometimes even one word might result in a torturous demise. A vast environment with up to 12 regions, complete furniture, and props for interacting people and more than 100 different inmates is available to gamers in Hard Time (Prison Sim). In addition to focusing on prison life, the game also has a large population of free-living inmates. Inspectors in particular are responsible for upholding a number of laws to stop wrongdoing. A different gang will rule over each prison location. The player’s goal is to dismantle the gangs and advance to the position of jail warden. Can you engage in combat, avoid capture by the guards, and advance to the position of “ruler” inside the prison?

Combat system

If you play any of MDickie’s games, you’ll notice that the majority of them feature a complex wrestling system. Of course, players can change the skills for their characters to enable them to handle more difficult obstacles. Because of these, gamers rank Hard Time (Prison Sim) as the most realistic AAA title to date. It also gives players the most lifelike fighting experience. You must pick your skills carefully and combine them in a certain way if you want to win the battle swiftly. Both the character’s overall performance and each player’s control strategies must be improved. Increase your intelligence, reputation, strength, and agility by practicing. You can also work at other jobs to increase your income. Touching the buttons on the screen to utilize the correct talents makes controlling the character quite simple:

  • G=Grapple/Throw.
  • T=Taunt.
  • A=Attack.
  • R=Run.
  • P = Pick up / Drop.

There are also a few minor suggestions for managing players to launch more potent attacks (combos). For instance, combine A and R to make a devastating onslaught. Alternately, combine R and P simultaneously to burn objects and hurl them at the opposition. Additionally, you can touch the clock to pause play if you haven’t finished a game but are unable to continue. Click on the dialogues to skip them if you think they are unnecessary or too long.


Your protagonist is an everyday person. His health and morale will consequently suffer as a result, especially after the battle. You must give your character some downtime to recover to its finest state. Since sleeping is not always permitted, you can also engage in other activities to enhance your mental health, such as reading or watching television. Your character will be incontinent, especially if he doesn’t get any rest. You can’t control him for a while, which is a problem. As a result, you must develop your character in several ways, such as:

  • Improves the capacity to move more quickly. This is a fantastic advantage for creating attacks that the adversary cannot avoid. Running or other forms of exercise benefit them.
  • Strength: A character’s strength determines how much harm they can deal, take, or mitigate. Physical exercises like weightlifting and fighting can help you. Though his muscles were barely discernible, he had greater energy than usual.
  • Intelligence: His expertise is reflected in this index. The training and healing processes get better and faster as more information becomes accessible. The key to becoming wise is to read books.
  • Reputation: This is a prerequisite for players to rise to the position of leader. To earn the respect of others, do more tasks or be aggressive.

These are pretty realistic, as you can see, which also demonstrates how successfully MDickie honed in on their offering.

MOD APK version of Hard Time (Prison Sim)

MOD Feature

If you haven’t paid to access VIP, some of the game’s features and content are locked. You require the VIP unlocked MOD version of IPHONESIDE for this reason. You can also try other applications like Hello Neighbor, War Robots, and CarX Highway Racing.

Download Hard Time (Prison Sim) MOD APK for Anroid

You can break free from the prisoner’s grip while still inside and take control of the other inmates. In this game, money is really important, and there are numerous ways to make it. Use them to sustain your group, deepen ties, and buy off the police to make life simpler.

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