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Name Happy Color
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Package com.pixel.art.coloring.color.number
Publisher X-Flow
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Version 2.11.10
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Requires Android 4.4
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Introduce about Happy ColorMore calming than meditation is coloring.Play coloring game, your mind calmer than meditationColoring books with an artistic theme were commonplace on b...
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Introduce about Happy Color

More calming than meditation is coloring.

Play coloring game, your mind calmer than meditation

Coloring books with an artistic theme were commonplace on bookcases when I was a child. I believe that everyone has a coloring book; it appears to be a trend. Even if I have little interest in this topic, it’s overwhelming to see the brothers and sisters’ outcomes, especially the images with so many intricate details. I also have a little respect for you. But if you want me to buy a coloring book, I won’t be tenacious enough. When I first saw the vibrant Happy Color poster, I was astounded. It’s fun to stare at it alone. And compared to any meditation or yoga app, I find this to be one of the most effective relaxation games. Many game lines encourage players to play while they learn, but few games are able to create polished goods in such a warm, endearing, and laid-back way.

How to play?

The game is really easy to learn how to play. Any number you choose from the ordinal numbers given on each picture detail will cause the detail to zoom in. To fill that detail, we will zoom in far enough and select a color. Choose freely from a variety of images and themes as you float through the sea of inspiration. Happy Color is the owner of many pictures and themes. Enough for all of the players’ emotions, including sadness, happiness, calmness, nature, fairies, animals, birds, boys, girls, plants, the weather, work, and nostalgia. Everything is available here. And there are numerous, varied photographs of various categories and issues inside each topic. Allow your imagination to soar. In relation to level division, this is another advantageous aspect of the game. Unlike many other easy entertainment games, Happy Color gives you the option to select from simple to challenging levels for an image that is being displayed. Consider picking a level with more ordinal numbers, greater detail fragmentation, and trickier coloring than the same image. When you’re done painting, you may save it to your smartphone or share it with friends on popular social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can really save the coloring process in the form of quick animations in addition to the end product. It’s also quite fascinating to send it to your pals. Happy Color is a very addicting sort of game, especially for people who don’t like to play games to pass the time when necessary, despite the fact that it only consists of a collection of 2D images and color arrays and its gameplay is so basic that even young children may play it. Just a few times, open the app. That’s it. It is already too late when you realize that a day has passed. Of course, you must make the decision to be patient in order to play this game. A great picture cannot be created in just one minute. The pace must be slow.

How do I feel when playing Happy Color?

The first emotion is one of relaxation. Nothing needs to be thought in my head. Only consider choosing colors, numbers, and whether a particular color is appropriate. Additionally, you recall certain details from the fairy tale and respond to inquiries like, “Did the character wear this color?,” and “Did I modify it all?” You just had these ideas floating around in your head as you were playing Happy Color. Additionally, they are excellent for the mind after a long day at work, particularly after dealing with disgruntled clients. The joyous emotion comes next. Although it may be a bit excessive to say, your head is filled with bliss. Happy to complete a challenging picture, happy to be startled by this detail, happy to chose a color that fits the tone. I’ve finally finished a genuine work of art. You know, sometimes in life you just need those tiny pleasures to get you through the coming storm. It has a chilly, sentimental vibe. Playing with crayons is regarded as a child’s activity, yet it often takes an adult a long time to allow the inner child to speak. It’s a very bizarre feeling to be doing something that I used to enjoy so much; it’s almost like a subliminal nostalgia.

MOD APK version of Happy Color

MOD features

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Download Happy Color MOD APK for Android

And as you may know, I slept comfortably without dreaming after every hour of nighttime coloring. Because of this, this pleasure excels over a meditation app. But everyone should keep in mind that coloring is designed to be used as a proactive form of “meditation,” to reduce stress, stimulate the intellect, and develop aesthetic reasoning. Your mind needs to be extremely pure to play this game. Use the links below to get the Happy Color MOD APK.

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