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Package com.devolver.grispaid
Publisher Devolverdigital
Category Adventure
Version 1.0.2
Size 30M
Requires Android 4.4
MOD Features No
Introduce about GRISThese days, Google Play has a ton of games available. However, the most of them have inflexible gameplay designs, making it simple to become tired with them after some ti...
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Introduce about GRIS

These days, Google Play has a ton of games available. However, the most of them have inflexible gameplay designs, making it simple to become tired with them after some time. The GRIS that was created disproved this theory. If you consider the game’s other features, such as its story or aesthetics, it is likewise confident in its ability to satisfy you.


A girl named Gris’ emotions serve as the foundation for the game’s primary material. While other females were having a good time, Gris was having emotional difficulties. Deep within her soul, this was what transported her to an other dimension. A fresh beacon of hope materialized—it was you. She needs your assistance to be able to escape the suffering, the torture, and the isolation of this world.


The game starts with a female who appears to be alone standing in the center of a barren area filled with rocks. DevolverDigital has not provided any guidelines or explanations on the gameplay or objectives that players must complete in this game. However, it is certainly clear from the plot’s setup that Gris needs assistance in order to get over his struggles with emotions and being trapped in a different reality. GRIS elicits stronger emotions than emotionless words. Though there are no words to express it, you will quickly grasp that the character is in anguish every time she encounters a wind gust or falls into a deep chasm. The road never ends. You will have to navigate a sizable area while avoiding enormous boulders, crumbling old structures, and strong winds. Gris will undoubtedly feel better about her feelings by traveling to different areas and adopting new colors, although not knowing where the destination is.

The Dot Light

A game called GRIS lacks combat and death. As a result, even if the character is dropped from a tall structure, they will not perish. When Gris attempted to transition from one terrain to another, though, there were numerous barriers. Sometimes, the obstacle is too high to climb or too far away to clear by jumping. Dot light was necessary for her at that time. They are dispersed throughout the structures’ interiors. Don’t forget to gather them while moving. You can cross the bridge that will be created by the final dot light. Remember what I just said if you ever feel like you’ve been in one spot for too long. It served as a solution to the issue of Gris being unable to escape an internal idea or mood.

The winds

You need to pay attention to the winds. First off, it makes moving difficult for your character. If you’re trying to climb a high temple and run into wind or dust, it will knock your character off balance. After a set amount of time, it will repeat, so make haste or shelter behind rocks and structures. Would the coldness of Gris’ soul be caused by these winds as well?


The best feature of this game is its graphics. It is created in a minimalistic style, emphasizing the beauty of colors and imagery. Although it’s difficult for me to express it in words, you’ll soon sense it. Another issue is that the graphics in GRIS go beyond mere aesthetics. It also helps the character’s feelings to be expressed. Numerous evidence supports that, such as enormous girl statues, but the haze hides the eyes and intellect. If the girl has no clinging places, the frigid whirlwinds may blow her away.

The MOD version of GRIS

MOD feature

GRIS is for sale on Google Play for $4.99. On the other hand, IPHONESIDE offers absolutely free download and installation.

How to install this game

You most likely haven’t installed the OBB file if the game opens to a black screen. The following procedures should be followed in order to install the game: Please let us know if you encounter any difficulties installing this game by posting a comment below.
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The player gave GRIS a score of 4.8/5 in its initial release. I took the time to read them, and the majority of them expressed that they enjoyed the gameplay and found the graphics to be impressive. The similar sensation will soon overtake you as Gris traverses various terrains and is gifted with the orbs that alter the world’s hue. Is the characters’ emotional state changing along with this transformation?

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