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Name Grimvalor
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Package com.direlight.grimvalor
Publisher Direlight
Category Adventure
Version 1.2.1
Size 27M
Requires Android 4.4Can play offline
MOD Features Full Game Unlocked
Introduce Grimvalor - A wonderful gameYou embark on an adventure in the game to find the missing monarch of the long-forgotten nation of Vallaris. You become aware that a fearsome army of da...
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Introduce Grimvalor – A wonderful game

You embark on an adventure in the game to find the missing monarch of the long-forgotten nation of Vallaris. You become aware that a fearsome army of darkness is attacking you as you are lost in the icy, gloomy, and forgotten dungeons of Vallaris. That pushes you to get up and fight, get Vallaris back, and find this place’s ancient power. Can you handle it on your own?

The storyline

Grimvalor transports you to an arid, shadowless location in the ancient nation of Vallaris. You’ll be shocked to learn that a sizable kingdom, or more specifically, that no one rules, inexplicably vanished. You are even more shocked to discover that the forgotten nation has been stirred by a sinister force. On a quest to uncover these mysteries, calamity strikes when you are cast into ominous dungeons and confronted by a horde of demons. These were King Valor’s guards, who carried the evil force that wreaked havoc on Vallaris’ life. There is no other way to complete your noble mission—to discover the whereabouts of the missing monarch and bring back the kingdom—than to firmly grasp your sword and take a stand against the foe. A great future is in front of you if you have the willpower and relentless fighting spirit to achieve it.

Deadly adventure

Grimvalor sends you adventuring amid dungeons and historic ruins right away. However, this is not an entertaining journey. There are monsters all around you. The only way to live with just one blade on your side is to engage in combat and annihilate every adversary. Grimvalor features a good mix of actions and a quick-paced hack-and-slash gameplay. You can rapidly manage how to play and create original combos using a basic control scheme that includes buttons for jumping, dodging, and special powers. If you don’t want to perish here, you must develop your strength. Explore the wonders of a world filled with these unnoticed perils.

Fight alone

You will understand what “battle alone” means if you fight in Grimvalor. You are on your own in a dangerous, death-filled world, and you must succeed. The monsters are not only numerous, but also incredibly hostile and careless. Show them they’re wrong to think less of you! You can unquestionably clear every dungeon full of opponents with the strength based on outstanding skills and iron will. Also, extensively research everyone of your adversaries so that you can enrage them when necessary and defeat them. Give the devils a better understanding of the price of subjectivity by using the lovely abilities you have honed. Additionally, having special abilities can greatly aid you in quickly eliminating a big number of adversaries.

Upgrade your character

You can gather items and hone your character’s talents after each encounter with the adversary. You might not be aware of it, but there is one individual that is by your side during every battle: the merchant. You can improve your power and fortify your weapons there. Buying new weapons and improving your fundamental stats, for instance. Of course, your adversaries will get stronger with time. Now, a number of enormous and formidable bosses started to arrive rather than just little monsters. They stand in the way of freeing the king of Vallaris and establishing peace in this nation. However, when your source of strength is much improved, those challenges just serve to enhance the sweetness and glory of your victory. You then transform into a hero in order to save the Vallaris citizens. What a noble accomplishment!


Grimvalor transports you to extraordinary and epic conflicts with breathtaking 3D graphics, captivating visual effects, and lifelike sound. All of these settings and wonderfully rendered monsters will give you a genuine experience that few video games can.

MOD APK version of Grimvalor

MOD feature

Completely unlocked

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It’s time to download Grimvalor MOD APK for Android

Grimvalor aims to deliver a multitude of fresh and intriguing experiences as an alluring game that combines various themes. Many people believe that this is a copy of Dark Souls, yet anyone who has played Grimvalor knows that it has many special elements that few other games can offer. Have you observed that? Play the game, then post a comment beneath the article!

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